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After all, Chanel has over the years built a strong brand name for itself, and come to be associated with prestige with many people on the world's 'who is who' list often being seen carrying the Chanel handbags It shows that these purses are designed for the purpose of giving luxurious and pampering feeling to women
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Student loans ( equivalent of HELOC's for college kids partially subsidized by taxpayers), revolving credit cards with $25,000 $50,000 lines of credit regardless of ones income (you don't pay back credit cards based on 'FICO' you pay them back based on earned income), and generally this attitude that those who choose to save and not wear high end designer clothes are demonized by the younger "I got mine crowd" is the reason for this For example, Karl Lagerfeld wowed fashion week lovers with the huge Chanel bags in hula hoops during Paris Fashion Week
so in all honesty anyone that wants to carry the replicas is smarter than the ones that buy the real ones because it is stupid to pay all that money when the replicas look as good For some, handbags are a passion or even an addiction much like the love that we tend to have for shoes
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