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Thread: Uhmm......kon nichiwa~

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    Uhmm......kon nichiwa~


    uhmm....hello I am Sximple Ghurl,but you can call me haruka~chan.

    I am a 13-year old Filipino-American-Japanese girl who knows how to speak English,Tagalog,and Japanese.
    I love Anime and Music a lot,especially Vocaloid music.

    I am pretty kind and friendly,but very quiet and shy when it comes to in person real life stuff...

    I might sound like a chatterbox here in the internet but I'm a bit quiet when you actually meet me in person xD

    so...uhmm....I hope to meet some friends here as well...so uhmm....yeah xD
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    Re: Uhmm......kon nichiwa~

    That was a very nice intro, and welcome to the forum my dear.

    I'm Ranma, and if you ever want to talk to someone, just feel free to message me if you like, see you.
    Girls make the world go round, didn't you know that already?

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