If you define the water and atoms that make you up as your body, there is a problem because the atoms keep switching out and stuff. The same goes for energy. Does the food you eat become part of you? If so, what is this you?.
Clever question. I read that once every 7 years on average every atom in your body has been replaced so you're literally not the same being as you were back then. Something like that anyway.. . I define my body according to what I've learned from biology. It is every organic thing which is attached to this collective of cells and is growing, metabolizing, living.. . Food eventually becomes apart of me. A good example would be weightlifting. I do it a lot and afterwards I eat a lot of protein. The protein is absorbed and used as material to repair the torn muscle fibers. So I am what I eat.
How do you take the derivative of the function that defines the Poissonthe venus factor
random variable?
According to the books that I have seen, the Poisson random variable is defined to be lamba to the x times e to the minus x, all that over x factorial. I know how to take the derivative of lamba to the x, and I know how to take the derivative of e to the minus x, but how do you take the derivative of x factorial?. What is the derivative of the function that defines the Poisson random variable?.
Does not compute, as some people say. My book says the Poisson distribution is defined by. . f(x; lambda) = lambda^x e^(-lambda) / x!. . Moreover, x is an integer, so you can't really take the continuous derivative with respect to x. You could approximate something like it, by taking the 3 points at x-1, x, and x+1, and fitting a polynomial to it.. . Perhaps better would be to have a generalization of the Poisson distribution for continuous event numbers k. This can be achieved by replacing the factorial by the gamma-function, G(k + 1).
What hair product is best for defining your curls?
I need a product that is not expensive so I chose tresemme flawless curls touchable curls define, beautiful textures curl control defining pudding, and not your mother's kinky moves curl defining hair cream. I don't know which one to choose because I don't know which one works best for holding and defining curls. Which product is best for defining and holding your curls?.
A keratin product is really effective, so look for a leave-in with keratin. I personally use pro naturals moroccan argan oil on my curls and that helps define them and de-frizz them without leaving them stiff.
What are the things that define a personahttp://www.iarld.com/venusfactor.php
For a job, I want to be a personal trainer...regarding people that actually ARE personal trainers, here it is.... . 1) What defines a personal trainer?. 2) Do they work out with their client?. 3) Is there any tips for becoming a personal trainer?. . and the last one, is sorta off topic, but it would be really helpful if you could answer this. . 4) What are the different types of weightlifting that can be trained by people?.
1) A personal trainer can be defined by things like level of training(a good trainer is always learning), personality, commitment, skill, own fitness, etc.. 2) No. They're there to watch and support the client keeping an eye out to make sure there are no chances for injury and the client is getting the most effective workout.. 3) You need to go to school and get certified to become a personal trainer. . 4) I'm not sure what you're asking because there aren't really different types. They can help train someone for size and strength, or help someone who's rehabilitating from an injury. They're trained to work with machines, dumbbells, etc.
What is the difference between a defined and an undefined term in Geometry?
What is the difference between a defined and an undefined term in Geometry?.
A definition givethe venus factor
specific properties of a term that can be used in a proof, construction, another definition, etc. The description (if any) of an undefined term is only suggestive and can't be used as such.. . One view I that I read somewhere is that an undefined term is in fact defined, not in the statement that introduces the term, but by all of the axioms/postulates that follow.
What would be defined exactly as statutory rape?
Just curious... Like what is defined as statutory rape? I'm only 17 and live in California so I'm not legal yet and was just curious what all can you do before it's considered rape..
How does your astrological sign define who you are?
How do our signs define who we arethe venus factor
? . Some people say Scorpios are the meanest, libras are the sexiest, but where did this come from? . And how do you think your sign defines you?.
Signs don't define anything. They don't compel. They simply describe the potential a person can reach if they choose.
How does one define recusion and iteration in matheamtic notation?
I'm assuming iteration is done in summation