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Thread: Whats up Otaku?

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    Whats up Otaku?

    Well I have been an anime fan for a long time but, the past couple years life has pulled me away from my passion. Been forgetting about what series I was working on and which manga I was reading let alone buy anything new. Not sure what the latest and greatest titles are but, I am open to recommendations and any friends that come with it. See you around the message boards. Peace.
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    Re: Whats up Otaku?

    Only recently started my DB and DBZ manga collection again, so don't worry if you lose your way on anime you always find your way back to it.
    Here's a couple of anime and manga I watch and read: Full Metal Alchemist, Bleach, Yu Yu Hakusho, DB and DBZ, Ah! My Goddess, dot Hack//Sign, dot Hack//Dusk(also known as Legend of the Twilight), dot Hack//Roots, Dr.Slump, Love Hina and Ramna 1/2.
    Anyway, I should get on with the welcome message........

    Hiya and welcome to the Anime Online family.
    Read and follow the rules and great time here.
    PM me if you want a friend or just to chat.
    It's just me with Vegitto.

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    Re: Whats up Otaku?

    Yea, alot of us has slipped at a point on anmie, but we found our way back to it ^^
    welcome to AO!!!!!
    make sure to read the rulez and post lots, ok? PM me if you need anything.

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    Re: Whats up Otaku?

    hello and welcome to animeonline! have a good day.......lol
    can I have your soul?......lol

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