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"Mum enjoyed buying me nice clothes and dressing me up. She wanted me to look like a doll, which was fine with me, except I also wanted to be involved in the business world," says Siah. Though she was knee-deep in cash, Siah wanted to work. Selecting over-sized hair pieces and severe graphic black eye liner, the blend of hard and soft balanced with a swipe of iridescent pink lipstick. The opacity of the rich black rimmed eyes paired with a cloud of deep black shadow demanded a matte complexion with no facial contouring. Lush black feathers created a theatrical wide eyed affect only appropriate for the elaborate collection.. Chandra's "recycle and reuse" mantra was sparked when she saw the stacks of hand-dyed saris in her mother's closet, beautiful fabric gathered from Michael Kors Pas Cher travels Gucci Handbag Canada to India and Asia. One of her first collections, a line of spaghetti strap dresses were made from antique cotton Kota saris, cut up to make one-of-a-kind frocks or pants. She went on to design the entire bridal party for the 2009 Tex-India wedding for Channel 7 news anchor Sorboni Banerjee and her husband Jarrod Holbrooke of Channel 5 news.
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