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With actors as great as these, it's a little surprising that Allen himself is the highlight of the cast. Sid the magician's foolishness isn't irking at all; in fact, it's immensely amusing, and Sid winds up as an almost adorable character rather than the bothersome twit he could have been. As a huge BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER fan, I was also immensely pleased to see Anthony Stewart Head pop up toward the end of the film as a detective.. Sitting quietly in a chair with a straight man named Junior running his fingers through my split ends, my eyes welled up with tears. Damn my na optimism! I imagined Junior would be a fabulous, fashionable, flaming gay man who would confidently assume responsibility for my fashion sense at least from the Karen Millen Dresses Outlet UK Sale, Enjoy Free Shipping shoulders up. No such luck.
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