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Thread: yeh but........

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    up ur chan is off to a good start
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    yeh but........

    do ye have a girlfriend eh?

    or any sort of friend eh?

    that doesnt think they're a pokemon eh?


    do ya?


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    Re: yeh but........

    Yeah i have a GF right now[I loved her much so does she to me]...>>>
    I can`t stop loving HER!!!
    [Even in the end of the world...I will save her from the invading armies of ALIENS]....
    My soul[would protect her for eternity]that would do[she said that to me].....
    I just loved her[I would never make a false movement around her].....
    In that guess we just meet for several reasons[or could be the fate of my life]??
    Well i can`t say that....
    This is getting personal[Hehehe just joking]...
    Good then bouy you do you have a GF or BF???
    I loved her so much.... i would dare to risk my own life only to save her from dying....
    I loved my GF...

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