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Thread: Yo! What's up, kukapowpow?

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    Yo! What's up, kukapowpow?

    Hi guys! My name is Jordan and I'm new here on AO! I've recently been really wanting to join an anime/manga forum; I started searching the internet for one and poof! Here I am! I was a member of a Naruto forum before this, and I still am, I guess, but I don't get on nearly as often as I used to. Nowadays I mostly just get on to read the new chapters as they come out each week. Here's a warning right off the bat: I'm a Naruto nerd. Not only is the anime/manga my favorite, but I also seriously love Uzumaki Naruto as a person. Just giving you fair warning!

    Anyway, a little about myself: I'm a teenage girl who lives along the East Coast of the USA. I'm seventeen years old and I've been an anime nerd since I was about seven or eight, but I just recently got into reading manga within the last year or so. Some of my favorite things ever are: the color blue, chicken, my cats, anime/manga, videogames, and music. I also, uh, love Disney movies. Hey, hey, they're good no matter what age you are!

    Something else I love is history; particularly the history of Russia. During my sophmore and junior years of high school I was planning on majoring in journalism, but I've recently decided to switch over to Russian history or, to make the category a bit more broad, European history. I guess you could say I still plan to keep journalism as my backup plan, or Plan B. I dunno; I just hope it all works out well for me in the end.

    I don't ever really know what to say to introduce myself, so my first posts always sound awkward, but I hope this one doesn't turn anyone off from possibly being my friend. I sure could use one on here. I could also use a kind-hearted soul to tell me how to use a custom avatar, if that is at all possible! Please, guise, I need help ;____;

    Anyway, I'm gonna shut up now. I hope someone at least answers me and, even if no one does, I get around to making some friends on this new site! Kay, bye-bye!

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    Re: Yo! What's up, kukapowpow?

    Hey there Jordan, and we're glad to have you here, at least I am, haha

    Thanks for the warning, but I think I can handle it, i'm a big fan of the whole Naruto series too.
    Um I don't think that you'll be able to upload an avatar of your own until you reach a certain amount of post, so feel free to use the ones they provide here, though it's not like you have to have one.^^

    So I hope you enjoy it, and if you want to friend me you can I won't bite, at least I don't think I will.
    Girls make the world go round, didn't you know that already?

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    Re: Yo! What's up, kukapowpow?

    welcome to the site. i hope that you enjoy it, even if it is slow and not a whole lot of people post. Hey if you want to check out another site you could check out www.anime-inisght.com. it is a really cool site and you can upload any avatar that you want. it is still getting off the ground so it is a little bland but that is going to change in a couple of day. well enjoy the site.

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