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Thread: Abstract Wallpapers {GIMP}

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    Abstract Wallpapers {GIMP}

    I think that's what they're called..o.O Anyways!

    Ok. In this tutorial im gonna show you how to make Abstract wallpapers in some easy steps

    *Open up GIMP
    *Select New file and choose your size (I used 500x500 for demostration)

    Now we are going to go to File >> Select>> Fill with FG color. The default should be black right? Ok click that. All backgrounds have to be black.

    Now we go to Filters>>Renders>>Nature>>Flare

    On the flare click on the camera tab and set it to 3.00 for best results or as you please. Click edit Variation>> Spherical or any you want choose it then click ok. Remember it takes a while to draw the flame. So please wait :]... Now back in the Flare tab you can also center it by in the Camera tab moving the X and Y.

    Now you should have something like this..LIKE because you may have chosen a different one to your choice remember so it's ok^^.. Now to add color. Colors>>Components>>Channel Mixer. Mess around with the blue,green and red. You should get a pretty color you want.

    This was my outcome:

    Thank you. I hope you learned. It took me a while to learn so enjoy. Comments are welcomed^^

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    Re: Abstract Wallpapers {GIMP}

    thank you ^^"

    I liked a lot the subject

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    Re: Abstract Wallpapers {GIMP}

    Its good for newbs but all you do basically is just use a Default render and change the colour. Its nice though

    great sig by Lasura thanks heaps

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