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Thread: Basic Profile Setup

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    Basic Profile Setup

    Basic Profile Setup

    Well, seeing as how it has been requested, I'm going to try and make a few tutorials on how to deal with AO's profile system. This first tutorial will focus mainly on the basic layout of the profile, and how to edit the basics to making a fairly decent profile.

    First things first, access your profile by clicking on the arrow next to the profile link at the top of your web browser and selecting my profile. (Might not be unnecessary to tell people this, but you never know.)

    Once that is open, you should see a pretty plain looking profile with a bunch of preset blocks. Blocks are the different areas where you display the information you want on your profile.

    You should also take note of the different profile options at the top left hand side of your page. There should be two rows of options. On the top is where you will find links to your blog and forum profile information, while the bottom one is where most of the editing options are located at. This row contains a profile and style editor, which will be used the most to setup your profile.

    The first feature I'll talk about are the three different Editor modes you can use to edit the profile. These can be seen when you drag down the profile option. On the top of the list will be these modes, followed by your page management options.

    * First, there is the normal view, which will allow you to see what everyone else sees when they look at your profile.
    * Simple mode gives you options in each of your blocks. A wrench and X symbol will appear at the top of the blocks to allow you to edit/delete them quickly. You'll also notice orange arrows that you can click to move your blocks around in the direction you want.
    * The advanced editor mode has a few more features like the fact that you click and drag your blocks around to the desired location, rather than having to move them one space over at a time.

    Now, under these three is the option to add more blocks (which you will have plenty to choose from) and other pages to your profile. That should be simple enough, click on what you want to add and it will take you to a page to select /edit your choice.

    Alright, next up is the Style Editor options. Drag down the options for this and you will see two options. You can edit your own style, or you can browse other members profiles that they uploaded. If you want to create one on your own, then go to the option to "create a new style based on." There will be some colors listed that will help get you started. Just choose one of the colors you want your profile to be focused around, and this box of options will show up:

    Now, this is the place where you can change the colors/fonts/border thickness of the page, blocks, and so on.

    For example: If you want to make the background color of your page change, select the page option in the middle. Once selected, click on the background option and choose the color you want for it on the color chart. Here's a quick look at that process:

    As for uploading a background to your profile go to were it says "Page" and what you are looking for is were it says "Edit Image" click that.Then you will see another box pop up.Here you can select what image you want to upload from your computer.It will give you Options to "Repeat" the image ( recommended for most images ).Then there are two more options asking how you want it to be shown Vertical Alignment & Horizontal Alignment ( Recommended settings Top & Center) For your Vertical Alignment & Horizontal Alignment.


    Now if you would like to make the boxes transparent you will have to delete the color code that is there.Example:

    Not the best in the world but hopefully it helps out some people.Joint effort with deo on this one and getting it started.

    Edit: If any one needs more help they can pm me,or Lasura who has graciously said she would help out any one that needed some help with there profile.Also i hope to do one on networking which i am working on currently.
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    Re: Basic Profile Setup

    well I hope that this will help the new members to AO.
    I myself had to discover what to do, and it was not that difficult.
    but this is sure to help...if only it had been here before I joined it would have been a lot easier for me.
    but thank you, and thanks to deo for the effort.

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    Re: Basic Profile Setup

    Koga and deodaclan18 for making this tutorial, I am going to pin this thread as it will be helpful to all.

    Please refrain from spamming this thread. Questions regarding this tutorial are allowed ONLY!

    FAVOURITE THREADS EXPLAIN why, or risk an infraction.
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    Thumbs up Re: Basic Profile Setup

    I am a newbie and this will help a lot i don't have a custom avatar and this will help really i have a few graphics that i would like to put as my avatar.
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