We are going to learn how to make to make a brush for Photoshop.

There are many ways to make a brush; we'll start with something easy. First, open up an image, make sure it's an image with some kind of shape in it and then make sure it's the shape you want. Here's what I opened.

Then, select the shape you want. Use the rectangular marquee tool, the polygonal lasso tool, or any other tool that allows you to select part of the image, for this; I used the magic wand tool.

I chose to select the small bit of thorns on the center of the right wall, the red colored thorns.

Then, all you have to do is go to edit>define brush preset, name it, and then click okay. This is my result.

Now, open up a document and use your new brush, only click once though. Go to edit>rotate canvas>arbitrary and then go again to edit>define brush preset and save it. This is my result.

There are many ways to select the shape you want but using the magic wand and polygonal lasso tool are the best because they allow you to select exactly what you, see how the brush turned out using the rectangular marquee tool?

Sometimes this is good, but other times it is not.

Now, let's try something different. Open up any one of you images, here's what I used.

Go to filter>distort>twirl and in the angle box type in five hundred (500). This is what it should look like.

Take out the magic wand tool and select the innermost swirl as highlighted in red in the image or whichever part of the image you chose that looks appealing, make sure you are only the selecting what you want the brush to look like.

Once again go to edit>define brush preset and save it. This is what mine looked like.

You can make many abstract brushes with the twirl filter. Experiment with other filters to make even better brushes!

All right, now let's try and make a brush that acts like the soft brush. Take out another image, here's mine, and select the shape you want.

Here, I chose the feather in between his wings at the center near the top. Take out the polygonal lasso tool and click around the area. Depending on how much shadow you want around the brush, click closer or farther away from the image. Here's what it looks likes click near but not close to the feather.

And here's the result of clicking very close to the feather.

There isn't much of a different but still making them slightly different gives you more variety in your brush collection.

That concludes my tutorial, if you have any questions pm me or something. Don't forget, experiment with your images, use filters often to mold the image into something that appeals to you and remember to always save your brushes to a folder once you've created enough to make a folder for them.

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