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Thread: A different kind of border ;)

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    A different kind of border ;)

    I had someone ask me how I did the border in my latest sig:

    This is actually the third sig I used that technique on! I actually invented it myself (or at least I developed it myself without tutorials or seeing it done else where…is sure someone else has probably done it too).

    It is fairly easy and Hammer has no problem sharing his secrets so here (sorry for the “dummying down” of this but I want to be clear for all users who may not be as familiar with Photoshop )

    1) Take the “Rectangular Marquee Tool”

    2) Take the + and start at the upper left where the left and top of the + touch the edge of the image. Drag down until the right and bottom of the + touch the bottom and right edges of the image. This is an easy way to make sure the border will be even and it should look like this:

    3) Go to your top layer and press “Shift + Ctrl + C” or go to “Edit” in your menu bar and choose “Copy Merged.” Then press Ctrl + V or “Edit” and choose “Paste” Make this layer your top layer.

    4) With this layer selected go to “Layer” from your menu bar and select “Layer Style” and choose “Outer Glow.” Set your settings as follows:

    You can play with the Color and Opacity of the outer glow based on the background of the image and what you like, but that is about it

    Easy enough huh?
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    Re: A different kind of boarder ;)

    Very easy and very nice simple border, might use one day. Thanks Chief!

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    Re: A different kind of boarder ;)

    Quote Originally Posted by chief
    A different kind of boarder
    I suggest this kind of boarder:

    Editing the title.

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