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Thread: Glass Orb Tutorial - Semi Advanced

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    Glass Orb Tutorial - Semi Advanced

    This tutorial I've been putting off. Simply because making the orb isn't exactly an enjoyable process, (after the millionth time at least >_>) but here it is. Keep in mind throughout the tutorial that the values and the colors you use will depend on the size and color of the sphere. This tutorial is simply a guidling and won't work for all sizes and/or colors if used word for word. Adjustments will be required, but these values and colors will work as a starting point.

    Step 1:
    First we need to make the base for the orb. Create a new file, in this case 500x500px and make a new layer. Using the eliptical marquee tool (and holding the shift key to make a perfect circle) make a selection like so:

    Now fill selection, on the new layer, with a color close to black (I used #666666).

    Step 2:
    Now we need to make the orb base look orb-ish. This is all done with the blending layer styles, but it's a bit more advanced than most turials that use these.

    The first step is optional; the Drop Shadow.

    Next up is the Inner Glow. Use the color #C50909 for this step. (The box next to the blending mode.

    Now we'll do the Inner Glow. Use the color #B22323 for this step.

    Next up is Bevel and Emboss.

    Then Contour....

    The next step is Satin. This is the key step to getting the right look for the background of the orb.

    For the contour, you'll have to use a custom setting. This will change drasticly depending on what size the orb is, the colors used, and the desired look. Mess with it yourself and see what works best for you. For this size, I used the custom contour below...

    Now for the Color Overlay. Use the color #FF6A6A.

    Next up is the Gradient Overlay. Simply do what's shown below.

    this is what you get...

    Step 3:
    Now we're going to add a little more depth to the orb. Hold ctrl and click on the orb base layer. Make a new layer for a gradient. Make a black gradient from the bottom, and a white from the top as you see fit. I used this:

    Now set the layer to soft light and it should look similar to this:

    And now, for detail's sake, we're going to add a slight blow to the bottom. Make a new layer, maintaining the selection from the orb base layer. Set the layer to overlay and make a small white gradient from the bottom going up. Now click ctrl+d top deselect the circle. You should end up with something like this:

    Step 4:
    Now we're going to add gloss to give it the glass look. Create a new layer and (while holding ctrl) click on the orb base layer. Now, select the eliptical marquee tool and make sure the selection setting is set to this:

    Now use the marquee tool to deselct enough of the circle to make a selection as shown:

    The next step is to fill the selection with white, and set the layer to soft light.

    Now, using a large (60-ish px) soft circular brush, with an opacity of 10%, start erasing the gloss. Erase less on the left side and more on the right side so that it fades. It should look like this:

    Step 5:
    Now to finish up the orb. If you want to add anything inside the orb just put them on layers behind the gloss layer. I simply added in the letter Z, and used the bevel and emboss to make it chrome.

    And that's it, you're done. Enjoy.

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    Re: Glass Orb Tutorial - Semi Advanced

    ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sexy XD

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    Re: Glass Orb Tutorial - Semi Advanced

    omg I love this~

    I'll try this out soon very soon.
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    i dont get this man when i make the circle it makes everything around the canvas orb like not the circle

    What font is that Z in bc i want it is it a font from Dragon Ball Z
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