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Thread: How to color a human

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    How to color a human

    I wrote it^^
    as the headline is already telling u, this tut is about how to color a
    real human.... well, i just found out about this while i was making a new wallpaper
    and wanted to use a nice picture of keira knightley... but all i found was a black white one
    so i wanted one with color.... and i tried really hard to figure out
    how to color black/white pictures and now i wanna show u how to do it^^
    here's a picture how it looks before and after the coloring:

    then, let's start. first i will give u the picture i used for this tut:::

    a-1.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    1) open that picture in ur photoshop
    2) make a new layer( u can name it skin)
    3) now take a soft round brush and start coloring the skin with that color: #d98f4d
    (first i was using another color [#c79f73] but her skin looked so pale that i changed it)
    don't get irritated by that bright orange color... it will look ok in the end , believe me ^^
    oh and leave out parts like lips and eyes... they will get another color later ;D
    if ur done with the coloring change the mode from "normal" to "soft light"

    4) now make a new layer and name it "hair". we'll color the hair now... take a nice brown [#66480d] and color the hair in the same way
    u colored the skin.... oh and before i forget it,.... if you messed it up a bit or colored too much (maybe a bit of the skin or the background) just take the eraser and erase it^^ u can also color some parts of the hair with a brighter or darker color to make some strands (hope that was the right word) then set the layer mode to soft light like u did with the skin layer^^
    5) u know what happens next right?? now we'll color the lips. make a new layer and that color: #c75748
    when ur done set it to soft light^^
    6) then make a new layer for the eyes. i dunno what eyecolor she has... i just took a dark blue... #151f59 and set it to soft light

    7)hmmm. what else... we could give her a make up^^ make a new layer for the rouge and take that color: #d8ad92
    u should make the brush a bit bigger and lower the oppacity

    and now make a circle on her cheek.

    and set the laxer mode to soft light^^
    8) now we can also color her eyebrows... take a dark brwon color... or a color that looks nice. i took the haircolor.
    when ur done, set it to soft light.
    9) now the eyes.... i gave her a very light and simple make up... i used two colors: #e5dbd5 ; #88765d
    now do it like i did in the picture and set the layer to soft light:

    10) actually ur done.... i just took a blue color and colored the window in the background... is that even a window? O.O and set it to soft light.

    now ur really done! i hope this tut did help u^^ i think it looks really real O.O
    till the next time
    my final picture looks like this
    untitled.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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