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Thread: Photoshop Advance Gradeant ABSTRACT

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    Photoshop Advance Gradeant ABSTRACT

    OK here we go lets go ahead and get started ^_^.

    Open up a new document I made mine 400x400 for the tutorial.

    Make sure its transparent

    Hit D to return the color pallet to default black and white

    OK Select your gradient tool and in the tool bar below the menu bar select Difference for the blending option

    now just go crazy with the gradient tool should come up with something like this

    Hit ctrl+J to duplicate the layer.

    Goto filter->Distort->Waves. Leave everyhing as is bit the randomize button till you are satisfide with the look you want. then hit OK

    Set that layer to Lighten then hit ctrl+E to merge the layers together

    Should have something like this

    OK we are going to duplicate the layer again so hit ctrl+J again

    Now goto Filter->Distort->twarl and set that to 980 and click OK

    go back to filter->distort->polar Coordinates selcelt rectangular and click OK

    Set the blending mode to Lighten and you should get something like this

    The finished product

    I hope you enjoy

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    Re: Photoshop Advance Gradeant ABSTRACT

    testing the posting system for this hack

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