A checkerfloor ^_^ that's no problem. mostly a checkered floor is all about perspective.

1st step. on your first layer "use as much of the layer as u need" select it using ur square marquee.
fill in that huge rectangle with all black ^_^.
2nd step is choosing how big u want ur squares, just select a bit of the black "the size that u want the squares" hold shift - cause u want a perfect square. - copy that black square and paste it on a new layer
3rd step withthat black square on that layer just invert it to white "or u can select the square and turn it white another way".

So far - u have a huge black rectangle - and - one small white square.

4th step duplicate that white square layer about 10 times or enough to stretch across the top of black rectangle then lay those white squares down like a checker board. across the top 2 rows..... " example >>> http://img303.imageshack.us/img303/7969/floor5yv.jpg
"mines a lil off at the top cause i made it in paint really quick >.< "

5th step merge all those white squares duplicate the layer full of white squares and finish making ur checkbaord floor ^_^ "read below step 8 really quick if u need a shiny floor"

6th step just flatten everything after it look like a checkboard floor.
7th step add in ur character ..... then on the floor use "transform: perspective""or distort, but perspective is easier to use" change the perspective so it looks like the chacter is standing, setting or what ever on the floor.

8th step.... I like adding in fills "edit: fill" ...... "ctrl: click the checkerboard layer... or seleect it by hand with the square marquee - and make a new layer - goto edit:fill - and choose a fill u like (browse through the fills to u find what u want) apply ur fill and lower the opacity on it alot so can bairly see the fill," the fill makes it look realistic "the change ur perspective on ur fill to match that of the floor "if u wish"

~shiny shiny~
but if u want a shiny floor, just make a duplicate layer of the white squares layer and move it ontop of the black squares and lower the opacity till the squares look a little black "then click that lil (f) at the bottom of the layers pallette, and add effects like bevel and emboss -whatever effects u like. - so now the floor looks shiny on the black part - duplicate that layer and mve it back onto the white squares "u can bairly at all tell a difference on the white squares" Flatten all layers ^_^ ~goback to step 6~

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