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Thread: [Photoshop] Crome Text

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    [Photoshop] Crome Text

    Well, here's a tutorial to add to the sea of chrome text tutorials. By the time you're done, you'll end up with this:

    Link to download the font used.

    First, open up a new document at least 420px by 100px. Then, paint the background black and, using white and 72pt font, type whatever you'd like. Should look similar to this:

    Now, open up the layer styles window (double click on the text layer) and select "Drop Shadow." Make sure the settings are as follows, or just leave it as default.

    [note: this step is not required]

    Now select "Inner shadow" and apply these settings.

    Next select "Bevel and Emboss" and apply these settings:

    [The key factor to getting the chrome look is the gloss contour option. Different gloss contours give different types of lighting effects on the text, so if you choose the right ones it can change the look of the chrome. In this case we're going to use the one shown, but feel free to experiment for different looks.]

    Now select "Contour" and apply these settings:

    [Once again, the contour option can change how the text looks. Experiment by changing this one, as well as the gloss contour option in the "Bevel and Emboss" window to see what you like best.]

    Now, it should look like this:

    An extra effect you can add is coloring, by either using "Color Overlay" or "Gradient Overlay" in the layer Styles Window.

    Using "Color Overlay:"

    Using "Gradient Overlay:"

    Now you're done, that's all there is too it. The changes in the layer's Styles Window will be different for different sizes of text and different fonts. So adjust them accordingly (smaller for smaller or skinnier font, and larger for bigger or bolder font) to get the best effect.


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    Not bad I like the effect I might use this in some of my sigs kudos.


    I'm on my grind in search to find whats on my mind, its one of a kind!

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    Re: [Photoshop] Crome Text

    Nice tut thought it's hard to understand if you don't look hard enough

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    Re: [Photoshop] Crome Text

    Nice tut. It doesn't look that bad. You do have to make sure you don't miss a detail. This can come in handy somewhere down the line. Thanks for tut again.

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