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Thread: [Photoshop] Pen Extraction (moderate)

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    Post [Photoshop] Pen Extraction (moderate)

    BY SasuraiHell

    Step1: Pick out the pentool through the toolselection menu.

    Step2: Make sure the "paths" is selected,
    its very important you do this first before starting

    Step3: Here you will have to pick out stratigic point in the portion of the pic you are extracting.
    Its important to pick out points where the image will curve(basically put points where the verticies are)

    Step4: Once You're done with the basic selection, grab out the "Convert Points" to bend these lines.
    When you pull on a point, two anchor type lines will be accessible for pulling any way you wish
    These points are to be pulled to the desired outline of the image.

    Step5: You see, you can curve these points so the smoothess possible way. Keep doing this until you are satified, if you arent, just re-adjust.

    Step6:Once you satified, rick-click inside the selected path and select "make selection"
    Then click "ok"

    You see, it creates a selection. next is to delete.

    and Selected selection deleted , extraction accomplished.

    IMPORTANT NOTE!:, For my selection, i only selected a small portion of the image i wanted to extract.
    For a larger-scaled selection, you can select ALL around the desired image. When you make a selection, just inverse the selection and delete the outside. simple.

    If that is a little complicated, just stick with easier extraction methods until you are familiar with the pen tool.

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    Re: [Photoshop] Pen Extraction (moderate)

    Thanks for the tutorial... I alway had trouble setting the pen to curve.

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