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    Public Tutor 1

    okay, so this not a full tutorial. you wont learn how to make that sig step by step. instead, i tell you in depth how to achieve things like what you see.

    here's the original image for guidance.


    notice the completely neutral background, the solid color. when you have backgrounds like this in darker set colors effect images come out nicely. same with c4d's. this sig also demonstrates this:

    to get the light effect you see on the characters just go mad with effect images. no brushes needed. the colors in the image are important here. most colors wont work on light colored backgrounds you see.

    stick with dark colors, purples and blues. use reds for vibrancy with backgrounds as light as this. reds are very toned down in dark bgs, unless they're cherry red or something.

    on background with solidity, smudging comes out very nice. smudge with whites and light colors than dont oppose the bg color. as in, no red on blue or purple on orange.

    the best tip i could offer would be to never use clash colors unless you know what you're doing. if you can blend the contrast its fine, for show having those offending colors in a sig are no-no.

    another bit of advice is, try not starting with a white bg if you're not interested in actually working on making a bg. heres an example of a white bg sig with no bg added:

    there is no interesting pop in the bg you see, only effects to emphasize the focal. here is an example of a white bg with a bg:

    theres action on the left and right, far from the render here. renders are the best choice for starting with white bgs. stocks are hard to work around and have a lock position.

    with renders, you can also place things behind the image and move things around at your leisure.

    working with a black bg is something i enjoy. most effects with pull through without a doubt. however, my favorite way is making the bg yourself.

    there are many ways to do so. the most simple is distort or smudge i believe. with stocks, duplicate the stock and mess around with the copy layer. or you can render the stock and smudge on the stock layer with a render up front.

    !smudge the render/focal! it looks amazing,

    all that is sexy around the render is from the render. the purple and pink all came from smudging and distorting the render.

    so, thats the end. hopefully this doesnt get deleted or completely ignored. advice is advice<(''<)

    thanks for the time
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    Re: Public Tutor 1

    might be no pictures but does tell ppl alot about using white bgs most ppl dont really use em but i think they look awesome with good effects gj

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