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Thread: Text Blending & C4D Usage

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    Text Blending & C4D Usage

    Somehow I came across this while I was organizing my files on my computer it was made for kaizuko back then but I guess this short tut can help other beginner gfx artists.

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    thank you to that tutorials
    i'm from in iraq
    and i like all your post
    thank you

    and to arabic
    مشكوره اختي على الدرس الرائع
    انا من العراق
    وانا احب جميع مواضيعك
    مشكوره اختي
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    Re: Text Blending & C4D Usage

    hey anime_8000 thanks for the tut. espically for the text blending part. i've always hated text. i might just try using text again. thank you soo much.

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