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Thread: XRumer 12 + SocPlugin + BlogsPlugin: Revolution in SEO!

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    XRumer 12 + SocPlugin + BlogsPlugin: Revolution in SEO!

    New XRumer 12.0.11: breaks MOST types of Captchas, posts on Chinese and other Asian forums Also!

    Only XRumer 12.0.11 have so wide possibilities to posts automatically your advertisement on forums, blogs, guestbooks, boards, etc.
    Its bypass most type of Captchas, including latest version of ReCaptcha, breaks JS-protection

    Latest version of XRumer:
    + bypass more than 400 types of graphic Captchas
    + bypass more than 200.000 types of textual Captchas ("2+2=?", "What is capital of China?", etc.)
    + includes 5 unique methods of intellectual automatic promotion
    + a lot of other fuctions (XRumer possibilities growth since 2006 year!)

    New SocPlugin: make promo on Facebook and 3 another popular social networks

    And, YES - SocPlugin break most captchas too! Absolutely automatic.
    Also, it's have flexible Autoreply module to make humal-like dialogs with thouthans of people for your promo.

    And, a lot of other important functions:
    + parsing account by parameters (friends, friends of friends, from groups, by city/country, by job/interests, etc.)
    + sending personal messages
    + sending comments to videos and fotos
    + likes
    + filter, export/import

    What about captcha?
    Yes, we repeat again: All software by botmasterlabs Labs break captchas automatically, without any additional services.

    SocPlugin included for FREE in XRumer package.

    New BlogsPlugin: get thouthands backlinks from Web 2.0

    BlogsPlugin is working with 6 most popular engines:
    + Wordpress
    + Blogger
    + Livejournal
    + Tumblr
    + Bloglines
    + Netvibes

    Autoregistering, activating, posting, cross-posting, etc.


    So, how to get this package?
    It very, very easy: just Google for "Buy XRumer"
    (SocPlugin and BlogsPlugin are included in it for free)


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