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Thread: Poem/Fanfic Clan

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    Red face Poem/Fanfic Clan


    Even though i know my friends wont be in this clan. This is one i can relate to. Since i like to post my poetry here on AO for feedback. And i like to read others and comment on them.

    But why only one clan? Why not two? That would be cool. But i will do for this clan. Seems best !

    I vow to participate in clan contests, and challenges
    I vow to treat my clan members equally
    I vow to treat other clans with the same respect i would want
    I vow to be a active member of my clan
    I will not invoke a clan war
    I am not better than anyone else just because i am a clan member
    I will try to participate in clan meetings about issues
    I will not be a traitor and spread my clans secrets
    I am allowed to discuss clan issues off the board with other clan members only
    I am allowed to have 1 image 500wx25h in my signature showing i am a clan member, "this is given to me by the clan leader"

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    Re: Poem/Fanfic Clan

    ^ has joined a clan, and should know I will never join clans.

    One clan memberr + 2 = The square root of AO.


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