why i wish to be in this clan? the answer is simple i love to write, i have been doing so for more than half of my life, that is not brag, but simple truth. i am currently working on a novel and this clan may help me in that goal.

I vow to participate in clan contests, and challenges
I vow to treat my clan members equally
I vow to treat other clans with the same respect i would want
I vow to be a active member of my clan
I will not invoke a clan war
I am not better than anyone else just because i am a clan member
I will try to participate in clan meetings about issues
I will not be a traitor and spread my clans secrets
I am allowed to discuss clan issues off the board with other clan members only
I am allowed to have 1 image 500wx25h in my signature showing i am a clan member, "this is given to me by the clan leader"