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    [poems/fanfics clan] Join

    Good day, this is the first time I notice that this place exists, and I am pleased somewhat to see new things appearing on this forum. I would like to join the poems/fanfics clan, mostly poems part as I often write these kind of writings in many forms and quite regularly. If I would have noticed these clans earlier, I even might have attempted to be leader, but since I'm not the most active member, I guess that would have been hard to attain.

    I encourage people to write as it helps sometimes to express things you can't always say out loud. I often read what others write (when I have time of course) to to find new inspiration and comment on what I understand and notice in the writings of others. I try to find ways to interest people in writings to see new styles or experiences come to life as people attempt their first try at this art that not everyone considers an art (personal experience of this...). I encourage every kind of poetry, that it rhymes, that is does not rhyme, that it's about any subject, as long as it remains within the bounds of the rules on this forum of course. I do not appreaciate violence much, but accept it as it is part of everyone at a certain degree.

    Joining this guild, I would regularly add my writings wherever I can store them, participate to most or every contest, help create contests and ways to bring new members to join, go to most or every meeting to see how things are going and express my point of view on things and well, whatever else that is asked of me, I'll most certainly abide by it, to the best of my abilities and availabilities.

    With all this in mind, here is a little none-rhyming (though I just added a part that kinda does...) writing I will offer to anyone that will read all of this xD (so if you didn't read all the above, your cheating by reading below....j/k...I don't mind really :P )


    Understanding an ensemble,
    Placed together as it grows.
    Sometimes selected from ideals,
    To refrain from certain prejudice.
    Often asking is all it takes,
    But taking action may be difficult.

    Taking upon yourself to prefer,
    A single clan which suits you best.
    Wanting a best place which you won’t deter,
    To offer what you can and not show negative lest.
    While comprehension is not a needed lure,
    Simply trying is what we wish most.

    After all is said and done,
    We let loose and have our fun.
    Noting those who have now won,
    Encouraging the others to go on.
    Feeling part of a single group,
    Not alone on this long journey.

    So I'm off on this nice summer day and I hope that this Clan section will flourish upon it's creation and bring more people to this wonderful forum I once loved and still appreciate.

    EDIT: Here are most of my writings on "this" forum:
    Tales of renewal
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    Thanks to Xelhes for this amazing work of art ^.^

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