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Thread: Welcome to the Clans!

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    Welcome to the Clans!


    Poems / Fanfics
    Anime Fanatics
    AO Fans

    Becoming a Member of a Clan - you must make a request thread in the "Request Area" an give a reason why you want to be in the clan or be a Clan Leader. You must abide by your Clans Leader demand if one is given for entry into the clan.
    Leaving a Clan - you must first tell your Clan Leader, then the Clan Leader must tell an admin so they can block you from posting on the clan's territory.

    • I vow to participate in clan contests, and challenges
    • I vow to treat my clan members equally
    • I vow to treat other clans with the same respect i would want
    • I vow to be a active member of my clan
    • I will not invoke a clan war
    • I am not better than anyone else just because i am a clan member
    • I will try to participate in clan meetings about issues
    • I will not be a traitor and spread my clans secrets
    • I am allowed to discuss clan issues off the board with other clan members only
    • I am allowed to have 1 image 500 x 25 in my signature showing I'm a clan member, "this is given to me by the Clan Leader."
    • I can be removed from the clan for excessive cursing in the clans forum.
    • I can be removed for inactivity of 4 weeks within the clan. [Clan Leaders Decision]
    • I can only join 1 clan, as to show my loyalty!

    Anime Online Clans are subject to disbanment if the clubs members aren't active or the clans members are causing clan wars. Please realize that you're a member like everyone else, and the only thing that makes the clans special is they are harder to gain entry and each hold different clan contests.

    Clan Leaders are pre-selected by Admins through PM's. If you wish to become a Clan Leader then please PM the Admin. If you want to try and overthrow the current Clan Leader then you can by PM'ing an Admin / Super-Moderator and giving them a reason why you should take their place as Clan Leader.

    • A Clan Leader can have 2 images one 500 x 25 and one 200 x 25 stating they're a clan member and a leader. Must say the clans name.
    • Clan Leaders will share their 500 x 25 clan image with all clan members. "ALL CLAN MEMBERS HAVE TO HAVE THE SAME 500 x 25 IMAGE."
    • As a Clan Leader I vow to treat all clan members with the same respect.
    • I can kick a clan member out for unrulely behavior if an admin / smod agrees with me.
    • I can kick a inactive member of 4 weeks, or for excessive cursing.
    • As Clan Leader I will oversee all clan contests, and clan challenges!
    • I can make a clan challenge once every 30 days against another clan. Winning the challenges are judged by admins / smods / mods / gall mods. If the clan wins then the order of the clans territory "forum" is moved up above the other clans territory "forum" they challenge.
    • I can be dismissed because of unruly behavior.
    • A clan leader can adopt a Second leader as Assistant clan leader.

    (c)Anime Online Clans and Clan names 2007
    All rights reserved.[/b]
    "You may get permission to use the same clan system on your site please contact an Admin."[/color]

    POEMS > Kasai, Soldat of life

    FANATIC > ChiefBlackHammer

    EMPIRE > Sinistra, Ky-lyrra, Zarriff

    AO FANS > Dancy_Saz, solking

    VETERANS > Barronmore


    Each forum has a special password protected Competition forum for members of that forum to enter. To get your password contact your Clan Leader. Also if you give the password to NON-members of your clan then you will be removed from your clan because an Admin will have to change the password. DO NOT GIVE PASSWORD TO NON-CLAN members.


    EACH CLAN LEADER please make and maintain a members thread list of your clan members! Update this lists as members join and leave your clan.


    If you would like to start a new clan, it can be requested to one of the staff. Your request will then be discussed amongst staff members prior to granting approval. Only put forward your clan request if they meet the following guidelines:
    • Your clan does not overlap with another existing clan.
    • You can draft a list of 20 members interested in your clan.
    • You can clearly illustrate the objective and purpose of your clan. No general clans are allowed.
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