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Thread: What clan?

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    Question What clan?

    Hey there I'm somewhat of a writer mostly stories that are origianal ( ie. not really fanfics ) what clan do you reccomend I should join? Where would I be able to fit in and be the most comfortable? I am also fairly well versed in RPG's (ie. FF later series 7,8,9... you get the point as well as LOD and ChronoTrigger). I can help ppl with how to make their art better but I don't really have any talent at drawing and I really wanna join a clan because sadly I have nothing better to do with my life and I think it'd be fun. But I wanna pick the right one. You suggestions would be most appreciative. (If InuYasha answers this plz don't be too harsh I already know It's kinda a stupid question.)
    Thanx alot,Corvus
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    Re: What clan?

    I think by reading wht you said, gaming or poems would be the better of the 2 choices
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