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Thread: Halo Graphic Novel.

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    Halo Graphic Novel.

    Okay, let me just start off by saying this comic book is terrible. The first story "The Last Voyage of the Infinite Succor", tells of a story of a group of Spec Ops elites who... well that's about as far as I can go, that's how bad the storytelling was. The animation was absolutely horrid, it looked like it had been drawn by a child and then colored in with crayon. The story boxes do not flow very well, you can't really tell which one you're suppose to look at next; and even if you did know you still wouldn't know what was going on becuase one second their fighting flood on Halo (or atleast I think they were) and the next second their in a room with a prophet discussing something about secruity? Also the story didn't follow the guidlines set down by the game and the Halo novels Fall of Reach, The Flood and The First Strike. They made the commander of the ship look like something off of Alien 2 which does not correspond with the game or novels at all and the dialogue looked like it had been written by a seventh grade english student who didn't know his grammar very well.

    The second story in this comic "Armor Testing" was no better. Supposedly a female "ex-Spartan" who quit the miltary to start a family is asked to test some new armor - okay, there is a major problem with this scene. For one Spartans weren't allowed to quit the military and second they were trained to never consider quiting an option. Thirdly does it make much scence to try and start a family with a fanatical apocalyptic alien military force coming to kill you and all humans when you could help defend earth instead of getting laid? I think not.

    Anyways she asked to test the Mark 6 armor for the Master Chief in a war game using paint balls -This is 2577 and the military is still using paintballs? I didn't know they were that popular... - The story starts out as the ex-Spartan is about to jump from a Pelican dropship, when she makes it to the surface the Spartan is ambushed by some ODSTs (helljumpers) and subsequently takes them all out with paintball propelling SMGs. Then it skips over to some scene were the Spartan enters the room and is jumped by about 10 ODSTs and almost pinned to the ground. For one, Spartans can lift 2tons with the help of their armor and other modifications. So how would a soldier who can lift 2 tons almost be pinned to the ground by some regular humans? I don't know, and neither do you, perhaps it's some kind of anamoly placed in the book to confuse the readers?

    In conclusion. This comic is possibly the worst ever conceived. The art is terrible, the storylines don't make sense and the dialouge is absolute crap. Please for the sake of yourself and me do not waste your 20$ on this filth, Bungie just wants your money in their pocket.
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