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    Short Overiew of Plot
    Shikimori Kazuki a 17 year old guy with a very big problem on his hands. He lives in a world where your magic pretty much sets your place in society, and as a student in a school of only the most elite magicians, he is almost completely unable to use magic. One of his problems is, he only has 8 uses of his magic, by magic standards he shouldn't even be in the academy, but due to its potential he is a promising student.

    After hearing about his roots, and the likely hood his children will be named the greatest magician in the world.The girls now fight for his wand..err his genes. So now, Japan's most powerful magical families want whats in his pants, and to put the strawberry on top, he's got a very cute girl living in his dorm claiming to be his wife.

    My thoughts:
    One thing i like about this is the comedic level / twisted romance. Also our main character who is in a really big pickle, is an average joe, someone who some people can relate to, thats if you know magic.

    Sound n GFX - Not too shabby, excellent quality for this type of anime. Some parts were very detailed and well done when it needed to be serious.

    Entertainment - I really liked every episode. It was all very funny. Seeing one guy and having three. four..sometimes a class of girls fight over him, while he stays strong not to pick sides just yet was hilarious. After i was done with each episode, it was hard not to watch another one, it sorta became a problem when i noticed it was 3am on a school night.But thats how much it hooked me in.

    Plot: You wouldnt think after the first episodes when we do find out about his extraordinary gene pool that every girl will want his genes in some way that we'd be done with the plot and having it go on for 24eps would bore the heck outa someone. No, there were more sideplots, more things each character did that hooked us and wanting us to see more of it.

    Character Value: In Maburaho, i found this exceptionally well. At first you think each character would race blinly for his genes, but no, there was alot of character progress that made you sympathize with each character as they shared more about themselves. This was a big aspect in Maburaho's success with me.
    The troops:
    Yuuna Miyami: The cute self-proclaimed Wife of Kazuki, As revealed her memories with him are quite fond and sweet, so you appreciate her character as fun and the hopeful girl in all.but after while her constant whining about "get off my husband" and whatnot, rained on alot of parades XD, but she was golden
    Kuriko Kazetsubaki:Ah, the blond beautiful rich girl. Although we do see her as the only one wanting devilishly to get Kazuki's genes, We see her as the veyr "friendly" girl who will cling onto Kazuki whenever Yuna's not around.The sweet thing about her, is later on we see more emotion and affection for Kauzki as has his charm and good natured person effects her. Over time she became one of my favorite characters in this story.
    Rin Kamishiro:Ah, the young, silent, "i will kill you", type. Like here character suggests, she is only perusing Kazuki because of his genes, like Kuiriko. Again as Kazuki's other magic sets in, she find herself blushing(which by the was was killer ^_^). From hardcore killer to the somtimes sweet, girly girl she hates, she's become my all time fav of this cast.

    Each character's detail and power for you to sympathize with , was by far the best in this anime. My suggestions, is that you go out and buy this, it is worth your money, and the dubbed is excellent in my opinion.

    overall in a sas scale 10/10, i enjoyed every aspect of this.
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    Re: Maburaho

    Nice review sasu. I haven't seen the show completely, just some random episodes. I guess i'll watch it completly this time.

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