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Thread: Rules Read Before You Post!!

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    Anime Review Rules

    In order to keep Anime Reviews as a useful resource, we ask you to observe the following guidelines:
    • Only review and rate an Anime after you have watched it, otherwise it defeats the whole purpose of an Anime Review forum.
    • Must contain at least 2 full paragraphs and YOUR OPINIONS. Anything less will result in your Review being deleted. Do not write just about the story. It's your opinions that we are after.
    • Do not steal a review from another website! If you are found stealing then you may be banned up to 2 days. Excessive theft may have you banned permanently from Anime Reviews or from the main forums.
    • Do not ask questions in your review. A good review only presents your opinion on the Anime watched. You can discuss the Anime you watched in other forums.
    Thank you.
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