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    Welcome and Information


    I'd like to welcome my members! First and foremost, I will tell you what I want this clan to uphold and present to Animeonline. We are the writers of this wonderful site and I wish for us to be knowledgeable in our trade.

    I know there are no bad writers. There are just writers with talent that need to learn more about what they love to do; write. Keep in mind that I am also learning more about the wonderful world of literature. And as a clan, we will show AO that we are not whiney emo brats. We wield something far greater than angst. We wield our pens/pencils, and write from the heart.

    In this clan we will hold fun and challenging contests to improve the writers. If you disagree with my vision, please tell me so via private messaging. If you have any ideas and/or input as to what our clan should be doing, please send it to me via pms.

    Our challenges will entail us using many literary terms, using different emotions, and writing in different techniques. (I'm actually making this up as I go. lol. So, expect a crash course of what will be happening as I post threads.)

    I believe a person who loves to write will enjoy this clan. And that's about all I want for a member. A person who is willing to grow and nuture their love for writing.

    The information may be changed in the near future. Welcome to clan!

    The Writings of the Clan

    I figure I'd make a rough outline of all the techniques we'll be practicing here. I knnow for sure we wont actually to get to all of these. I'm gonna focus on two types of writing in the begining, creative and subject writing. Here is our list of techniques:

    1. Writing Poetry - I figure most of the members are comfortable with poetry. So, to start off we'll do some poetry.

    A Few of the Things We'll be discussing: Consonance,End Rhyme, Meter, Internal Rhyme, Onomatopoeia, Repition, Quatrain, Stanza, Verse, Ballads, Blank Verse, Cinquain, Couplet, Elegy, Epic, Free Verse, Haiku, Limerick, Lyric, Ode, Poetry, Sonnet, etc... There's A LOT MORE.

    This will be the first section of poetry.

    2. Character Sketch - There are many fanfic writers in the clan.

    A Few of the Things We'll be discussing: Selection process, gathering details, personal characteristics, connecting the sketch, and correcting the sketch.

    3. Book Reviews - This will contain excercises of understandment. Before we begin anything else we must understand what we're to write.

    A Few of the Things We'll be discussing: Plot, Characters, Setting, Theme, and Planning.

    I will add to the list as time goes on.

    Rhetorical (Literary) Devices

    This is a site that I trust with my life.

    Literary Terms and Definitions A

    When I began discussing lit terms please check this site as a reference.


    A member has 5 warnings. Once they have reached five warnings they will be banned from the clan for one week. You have a chance of depleting your warnings by being active. So, I suggest you all participate in the practices, workouts, and competitions.

    I will use the list of members to show who has warnings.
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