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Thread: American Overdose

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    Re: American Overdose

    Well i know it's all lies~

    But we all know if you tell the brain something it will listen~

    So if you believe somethings wrong with you, then there is something wrong with you.

    Its just todays world trying to make everyone perfect.

    If your to sad your Depressed [I'd be Depressed too, if my life wasn't going as I plan]

    If your To happy A.D.D!

    If your to anger you suffer form anger problems and in today to get angry is all so wrong -_-!!
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    Re: American Overdose

    Quote Originally Posted by ketaro View Post
    Wow, sometimes i wish that could happen to me.

    Why don't you all try herbs/tea that combat the symptoms of PMS and some other menstrual problems. It is natural and is cheap.
    Yes, but the problems exceeds PMS, or PMDD... Its an epidemic I tell you! Theres overmedicating goin' all over. For all different types of illness, and not just acute either. The lastest favorite for doctors, is diagnosing bi-polar, which is often treated with anti-psychotics like Seroquel.

    And not that Im saying there arent more natrual methods of treating even the more profound diagnoses. But its gonna take alot more than going to your local pharmacy\healthfood store\GNC, and pickin' up some tea.

    Once you start talking about more serious illnesses, then your looking at needing to consult a holistic specialist. Who are not always coverd by insurance agencies.

    Then you get your holistic medication. Which may likely be not approved by the FDA, and also not covered. This approach can actually be far from cheap. And I speak from experience... as have had holistic remedys to treat my asthma.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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