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Thread: Animal Testing

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    Re: Animal Testing

    I understand where your coming from. But if we tried it out on ourselves (which we wont because we are cowereds) it would be like hurting yourselves if it went wrong and not testing it is not an option so it narrows down to that really. I understand that it is wrong but at the same time it is right. If we can't test it on other animals it will be tested on 3rd world countries children and slave labour etc. You must rember what would you rather hurt, children or animals. Well that answer depends on how equally you judge people to animals like P.R loves animals but if it came down to it what would you rather have done?

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    Re: Animal Testing

    If there wasnt animals testing most of the cures humans found wouldnt be here. Would you rather do the test or let some animal that cant talk have the test done?

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    Re: Animal Testing

    i would have offered myself up to be tested for a cure. We humans want it done for our benefit so shouldn't we have to use it on ourselves.
    like pyro said why bring an innocent creature into something that we want. its selfish of use to use another creature for our benefits.
    you don't see animals using us to try and save their animal friends that may be hurt or injured because they understand that its life. we are creatures we will get sick but for us to try our hardest to try and get a cure i mean seriously if someone is going to die then ok it is life. it is what is supposed to happen. yes it is sad but what can you do. why hurt another creature to stop the inevitable.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mini Dev
    (which we wont because we are cowards)
    like you said we are cowards. and if we are such cowards then why should we force it onto and animal that never wanted it done to them just as humans wouldn't want it done to themselves.

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    Re: Animal Testing

    Quote Originally Posted by Pyro Psycho View Post
    I don't understand it, if people need to know what will happen with their experimentations.....why don't they just use it on themselves? They don't have to drag in innocent creatures. It's would be like testing on a baby, God forbid.
    You know, that almost implies that perhaps rats should be on the same level as newborn humans... As a human myself I can't condone that... A rat, on the same level as a human newborn, and human newborns can have so much potential... Look at Greg Mortenson, at least...

    I'm for animal testing if the products being tested in question will benefit society, no, the survival of a general human population in some way or form. Influenza cure? Sure. Extracting insulin? Why not? Scrutinizing "natural sweeteners" and if they can cause cancer? Well, preventing people from getting cancer from their foods, gee, that doesn't sound too bad... Checking if that lipstick is toxic? Absolutely not.

    I like animals, understand this. But whether I'd have a rat saved or a child living in St. Jude's saved, I have to go for the children...
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    Re: Animal Testing

    Well it should not happen its not right to put animals in a room and put make-up and other products what they should do which they do this some times is pay people to have there things tested out on them that would be fair .

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    Re: Animal Testing

    I love animals... and go so far as to genuinely believe in life-sentences for those who abuse or kill them intentionally. (hurting animals is a proven gateway to hurting humans)

    That said: I'm for Medical testing on animals. Then again, I'm also for human testing (consentual relevant trials on the seriously ill, testing on consenting prisoners in exchange for pay/lighter time/in-prison perks)

    I'm against it for psychological, technological, or cosmetic purposes. I'm not for sarin bombing mice to see what affect the nerve gas would have on humans... or depriving monkeys of sleep to see if it drives them insane or kills them... hairspray in bunny eyes, etc...

    But as long as the animals are kept humanely and used for research that may genuinely benefit either humans or other animals: it can't be helped. Without them, we wouldn't have any lifesaving cures... or we would have to test them on human-beings (something most people find even sketchier).

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