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    4 9.09%
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  • I'm votin' for myself!! Soon I will rule you all!!! (Or, I don't care)

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Thread: The AO Presidential Poll

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    Re: The AO Presidential Poll

    Quote Originally Posted by princesslady View Post
    Like I said, I am done. It makes no sense retorting back to someone that doesn't even make a clear argument, while contradicting themselves to make in insuffiecent validation. I hope Arianna comes back because she sure needs to help you with the facts.


    I really hope Arianna comes back >.<
    I'm not sure facts will help here. Kool2bchilln is arguing an opinion that voting for someone just because they will give you stuff is bad (if I understand correctly). Now s/he may not be doing a very good job of it but it's still a valid point of view... also the two of your back and forth from a-g is really hard to follow.

    (At one point I was tempted to pop some popcorn and sit back and watch the cat fight.)

    So I will just say:
    Kool2bchilln; Your comment about no "record of a slave chair or a slave table" was in poor taste. There was a section of slaves in this country that were treated unbelievably badly. While I am a firm believer in putting such things in the past and moving on it doesn't make such comments not naive.
    princesslady; I cannot agree that your statement of
    "I may never be able to be respected in the United States because I am black, not Aryan, and not black president will even change that. We may get more recognition, but never respect."
    is accurate. Sure there are places and people in this country like that but most people I know are not. Personally I have a great deal of respect for several people who happen to be black purely because of the quality of person they are.

    Now maybe you two could just shake hands and move on?

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    Re: The AO Presidential Poll

    I was watching the news and they said that their latest from the AO polls show that numbers have tightened up, between the Obama ticket and "I am voting for myself"

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