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Thread: Arts in Education

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    Re: Arts in Education

    I would start a petion on FB or at your school if I were in your shoes, and get your school to stop the Idea of stoping art
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    Re: Arts in Education

    Do it!!!!!!! Not just for me...but for the children!!!! *smacks a little kids arm* I EAT FIRST! YOU CAN HAVE WHATS LEFT OVER!!!!

    Death is as generation is, a composition of like elements, and a decompostion into the same.

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    Re: Arts in Education

    I think art is extremely important because it helps students be creative and that can help them do well in other classes my schools art program is impossible to get into and has the bare minimum funding the administrators put more money towards the diversity club and the newspaper(that doesn't exist)

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    Arts in Education

    Also make sure you use WL on them from the front near Umbridges office to the back in order as they close in the order you open them. As this happened to me and I just hadnt opened them in the right order first.

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    Arts in Education

    Also make sure you use WL on them from the front near Umbridges office to the back in order as they close in the order you open them. As this happened to me and I just hadnt opened them in the right order first.

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