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Thread: Atheists, can you live with them?

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    Re: Atheists, can you live with them?

    No, I cannot live with myself. That would be very awkward.

    Oh, wait. That's right. I'm not an atheist. I'm a heretic that believes that every single organized religion is stupid and corrupt.

    If I were to shack up with an atheist, it wouldn't be so bad. I wouldn't mind shacking up with an atheist, an agnostic, a Satan worshiper, a Muslim, and a Jew. Having a Christian or a Catholic there would ruin the fun because he or she would have to be Irish. NOT ON MY SITCOM.
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    Re: Atheists, can you live with them?

    yea this topic is LAME.

    From what i understand im being asked if "i would be able to live with a certain label,
    becuase of that label conlficting with my personal beliefs and why?"

    Thats wat it sounds like to me.

    If thats the case, its a yes no, then essay type answer.
    in which only grounds for debate or discuss
    is for us to display prejudice for or against athiests (athiests being the subject)
    and explain why we believe in our prejudice.

    I dunno, just doesnt seem theres much to grow on from this topic.

    People are people no matter where you go.

    (just an opinion people, dont get your panties in a twist ; )
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    Re: Atheists, can you live with them?

    And just because you dont believe in a certain thing like 'God' or whatever else it may be, doesnt make u a bad person at all, i just hate when people assume that since they dont have their belifes that they must not be good.

    And at the same time, just because u call urself a christan or whatever else doesnt make u a good person either.

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    Re: Atheists, can you live with them?

    1.) Can you live with the Atheist...?
    Yes sure why not they are a round us …Like Peach said they all over the world, in your life <<Friends or just your relative or your teachers >> so what happened now ..

    2.) Why do people have to "attack" atheist in the world and vice versa.
    Maybe because they don’t believe in God which what make people become crazy and attack it them...

    And a bout change my believes I don’t think so because all the religion is equal either is you believe in God or not that your believes and because every person have there believes...No one can force them to change or choose what the other think …

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    Re: Atheists, can you live with them?

    1.) Can you live with the Athiest...?
    Eh...yeah! Of course! They're people too, just because they're athiests dosen't meen that they're horrible people!

    2.) Why do people have to "attack" athiest in the world and vice versa?
    I think people who ''attack'' other people because of their religion are lame. I mean, like I stated before, just because someone has a diffrent religion dosen't mean they're bad. They should be mean to people with horrible personalities instead...

    3.) And finilly here is a question to ask yourself: what whould make you into a Athiest and for you athisets, what would make you change to a religion?
    Ah, this question I don't get at all...why would I want to change my religion??? Nothing will make me change my religion...seriously, this question makes no sense at all to me.

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    Re: Atheists, can you live with them?

    1. I contest that you can't live without them. If you're religious, they act as testers of your faith. They'll question you in ways men or women of faith cannot. It will either break you, or make your faith stronger. I have both friends who are very religious, and skeptics and full atheists, so I can tell you that it is very easy to live with them, regardless of your views. Hell, if you're an Atheist, then living with another atheist is even easier.

    2. Usually someone will "pick" a religion fight by making a general statement about theism or atheism. Christians for example believe that only through faith in Christ can you get to heaven. Atheists don't believe heaven even exists, and this stark contradiction in a fundamental belief is going to raise debate, it's natural of humans to fight for what they believe if right.

    3. I heard a message once from a Christian preacher, who said that if you let your belief system go off of "if this happens then I'll believe," then your faith will fail 100&#37; of the time. He goes on to point out you have to have faith in something that has already happened. In a Christian's case, this is the sacrifice and resurrection of Christ. His contention is that is what you must base your faith off of, not things that may happen or not happen in the future. Naturally an atheist's argument would be is that the resurrection never happened, or is simply metaphorical. So we have the point of contention between the skeptic/non-believers, and the believers. I personally think whatever you believe is a personal ordeal, because I see both arguments and I've agreed with both arguments, and if what I believe doesn't match the person next to me, I could care less. I also don't believe that whether you believe or not makes any given person more intelligent, or dumber. Atheists like to call those of faith people who follow something that doesn't logically make sense. I think there's plenty of people of faith that are just as intelligent as any cynical atheist. And also just as cynical.

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    Re: Atheists, can you live with them?

    1.) Can you live with the Athiest...

    When they let me.

    2.) Why do people have to "attack" athiest in the world and vice versa.

    There will always be those who feel threatened by anyone who believes differently then they do. Perhaps that is why I have been attacked for my beliefs by so many atheists. I do mean attacked too. I love discussing religion with agnostics because they are open to understanding ideas they don't agree with but in most discussions I have had with atheists they fall back on name calling to back themselves up and insist that anyone who would believe in god is delusional or mentally disturbed. This leads to a second reason as I know there are others who are religious who have had the same experiences. I know in some cases, being bitter or angry at how they have been treated before, they start attacking the atheists they meet in preemptive defense. It's not the right thing to do but it is the human thing to do and understandable though wrong.

    3.) And finilly here is a question to ask yourself: what whould make you into a 4.) Athiest (10 answers plz people) and for you athiests what woulod make you change to a religon?

    I cannot imagine any circumstance in which I would stop believing in God.

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    Re: Atheists, can you live with them?

    TEN ANSWERS?? You're askin' for a lot, LOL. I'll give ya a few...

    First, why would it matter? If I lived with an athiest, that's all it is--me living with an athiest. His/her personal beliefs have nothing to do with mine, nor would they have any affect. I can live with an athiest. I lived with myself when I thought I was an athiest, I lived with TONS of athiest friends, they're not bad people! ^_^

    Second, people who "attack" athiests are either over zealous Christians, or they simply fear what they don't understand. I was raised in a Church and had a lot of issues with it--as far as faith is concerned--and considered myself an athiest for a long while. I've dealt with all kinds of accusations of being in some kind of cult by people who don't understand, being pressured in to being a Christian, Mormon or Jehovah's Witness because I didn't share thier views, etc. It's no fun to be pressured/harrased.

    What makes people defect from thier religion? That's a good question! It's all a matter of personal opinion, really. I left the church because there's tons of talk about loving one another, but it's never really practiced outside of the church. I quit being an athiest because I've always felt some sort of connection with people and the universe. Now, I like to think of myself more as a spiritual person--like a borderline Buddhist. My point being that religion, like life, is a journey and it's your decisions that determine the outcome. You can be faithful, spiritual or not care at all. It's up to you. I personally think that most kids these days are "athiest" as a form of teenage rebellion instead of looking at it from a philisophical point of view. I know kids claiming to be athiest, but turn around and go running back to church several months later, talkin' about how they found Jesus (hmm... so he was hiding in the toybox after all.)

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