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Thread: Atheists, can you live with them?

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    Re: Atheists, can you live with them?

    sorry, don't have ten answers for it
    Howver, as a Christian firmly believing in Christ, I don't know of anything that could ever make me convert...
    And can you live with astheists? Yep. Several of my frinds are declared asthesiests. I find this sad,'s their choice. and no, I don't attack them...I take every chance I can to tlak to them about the love of God. and in return, they don;t rail onm eabout my faith.
    Seriously, people, insuting the other siedes isn't going to get us anywhere. Hard words have no place in the societ yof today
    (note: sorry about the writing...busy and not supposed to be on here now, hope it's readable)
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    Re: Atheists, can you live with them?

    Please do not revive threads that are over a month old.

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