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Thread: The Battle is ON!!!!!!!!!!! (Presidential Candidates)

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    Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John McCain

    I think now since the presidential candidacy has been narrowed, more presidential debates have been held, and more dirt has been brought up on each candidate that we should discuss once again who you guys think is the best candidate for the presidency.

    There is Hillary Clinton wife of the infamous Bill Clinton. She believes in universal healthcare, should withdraw from the war, and a number of other things. But there is the question that if she becomes president does that mean a repeat of the Bill Clinton presidency? There is also the question on if we can really believe what she is saying is what she is going to do. The Clintons don’t exactly have a reputation for being honest though not many politicians do if any. She has also been accused of wanting to change our government into a socialist government.

    Then there is Barack Obama the media favorite for the majority of this presidential race. He has been known as a very skilled speaker and has been compared to former presidents such as JFK or Abraham Lincoln. But there is the fact that Obama has only been in politics for 2 years so politically he is a basic unknown. It is more difficult to pinpoint his character politically when compared to the other two candidates. There is also the scandal dealing with his association with Pastor Wright, a pastor who has a number of prejudices one being against Americans. This really might not be so bad if not for the fact that Pastor Wright has been Obama’s personal pastor for over 20 years and still is from what I understand.

    And finally there is John McCain the Republican candidate. He has not had the media focus on him as much when compared to the two previously mentioned therefore people may not know about him as much unless they have put some effort into figuring out about this guy. He wants to continue the war and feels that the war has been dealt ineffectively. He believes if it was dealt with properly than the U.S. would be in a very different position right now. McCain also has a slight association with John Hagee, a televangelist with prejudice views. His association with him, though, isn’t as personal or close as Obama’s relationship with Pastor Wright. It honestly wouldn’t be a fair comparison.

    Anyway, after reading my little tidbits on each candidate, which is the one you guys are rooting for? Any changed opinions of the candidates as the presidential race has progressed?

    If you are wondering who I am rooting for, it’s hard for me to say at this point. I have my little tiffs with all of them.

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    Re: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John McCain

    A well thought out, very good start to a thread...unfortunately there's already an open thread to discuss the presidential candidates. This one's much better, but started later so it has to be closed.

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    Re: The Battle is ON!!!!!!!!!!! (Presidential Candidates)

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    I'll just perform a little magic, and merge these threads together (grumble grumble grumble...)
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    Re: The Battle is ON!!!!!!!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by The GunGrave of Trigun View Post
    I vote k i know who im voting for and you are a kid i bet you dont even know about this stuff i bet and i do know who im voting for i have picked Cain because i think hes the best choice and i dont think anybody is that good this year to chose from k i have study what these people do and what they vote for probaly unlike you give me a reason clinton or obama is a good choice.
    Just so I don't forgot I'm going to reply now. The fact is you still have not address my question.

    Okay, so you can punch a hole through a ballot. So f-ing what? You still can't name what he stands for and what his policies are. Mr. McCain was one of the candidates in 2000 when President Bush ran. He didn't get picked then, so simple logic tells me he's not as good as Bush. So what does that mean now? Pick him and we'll have one worse than President Bush.

    You say I don't know nothing about them, and you are right. Unlike you I am willing to admit that, and guess what I will not vote if I do not know about what they stand for.

    For you to do what you do is crazy. You're like a kid in a toy store on your birthday. Even though there's nothing you like you will grab any toy just so you won't leave empty handed. You know what you basically said there?? You are saying you are voting for McCain because he's the lesser of three evils?? What kind of thinking is that?

    And for the record, if you going to disrespect me you are going to have to try harder.

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    Re: The Battle is ON!!!!!!!!!!! (Presidential Candidates)

    Sometimes the better candidate is not the one with most experience or the best person for the job. usually the people who grew up as traditional politicians are the ones who miss the real point in what people need because they only get in touch with people when election comes. i guess what i am saying is the people who have been new to politics and politicking are more in touch with what the people need and want they are less prone to telling lies during campaign because they are the unlearned speakers and will be upfront and frank
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