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Thread: Beautiful/V.S/Ugly

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    Re: Beautiful/V.S/Ugly

    Quote Originally Posted by Othello
    Here's another thing i have been thinking about.... Beautiful people and the people that are "not beautiful" by societys standards. Do they really Get treated differently? should they be treated differently? I don't believe so....
    How many people can admit to being either one of the "beautiful" people who have shunned the "under-standard looking" people. And who can admit to being the "not-so-beautiful" person being picked on by the "beautiful" people. Why do people treat those in "lacking" differently then those who are so called beautiful.
    Your thoughts please.------------------
    I was lost by so many quotations lol.

    Yes, I agree that beautiful people do get better treatment. But I would like to add one more specific, that it's more of the person's appearence as a whole that affects the way they are treated, not just their beauty.

    Take for instance an ugly individual, he/she can be ugly but smell nice, dress proper, and carry an elegance with them. This person would definitely receive beter treatment than a bum off the streets.

    I am definitely not beautiful, lol. I have never shunned anyone for their looks...I love seeing the inner beauty in all my friends and am not concerned about their outer appearence. Sure, appearence matters, but I would never treat someone based on their looks. Appearence matters in other ares...another topic...another time...another day.


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    Re: Beautiful/V.S/Ugly

    OH gosh..I dread this a lot!

    how do I start..

    ever notice that the pretty ones are so d@rn cocky?
    because like hell they have everything?
    and the ugly ones are so low esteem?
    If you are ugly, you know d@rn well to behave and be humble.
    If you are beautiful, you tend to get cocky and demand.
    I still dont get it why we debate about this topic. Everyone says that beauty comes from the heart. True...
    I asked a couple of guys about this and they told me the same. Yet they still go for the pretty ladies with foxy faces. I thought, maybe it's just their faces. They must have a nice heart. Then again i was wrong! they were awful and man, their mouth stinks! All sorts of unspoken languages came out from their mouth.
    Once they are with their bfs/guys, they get all decent and naive.
    This is what we call..


    The guys/girls are stupid to fall for this. But do we have to care? Let them be~

    As for the ugly ones... They know their place... and they may seem miserable but they get the best out of love!!! XD
    though they feel hurt each time they look in the mirror. If they can ever notice the face i see in my mirror... REJOICE! Because happiness brings out the real beauty. It is hard to find our happiness. But it is not hard to find happiness in every lil thing. If you practice this, love will get attracted to your happy face~ you are beautiful! XD GENKI!

    I cant really prove that uglyness can find happiness though.
    Because Im still as lonely as ever even though I set my feelings and pain aside for happiness in every grain of rice. (T_T)
    but hell yeah the beautiful faces are a bunch of ugly horrible hearted people!
    let's chainsaw them!!!! XD

    gomen.. i did sound very harsh right?
    i got carried away again.. and perhaps you dont know what im trying to say here.. neither do i... >.<

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    Re: Beautiful/V.S/Ugly

    Beautiful is whatever I find beautiful, not what MTV and Maxim tells me I should think beautiful is.

    Also recall that Adrianna Lima and her colleagues look the way they do in major publications because of many hours of computer editing and airbrushing in studio facilities.


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