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Thread: Blogging overboard

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    Question Blogging overboard

    Here's a bit of news from my neck of the woods:

    ABC News: Have Boozy Photos on Facebook? Better Not

    Basically, a bunch of kids were drinking at a party. They got a little snap happy with the digital camera. Then, like sooo many of our brilliant youth do... pictures were posted on Facebook.

    The photos were found by staff at their highschool, many students were punished as a result.

    So here are my questions.
    How do you feel about internet blogging?
    Do you feel people should be punished for information that is leaked on to the net? Is this an infringement of privacy?
    With all the blogging that goes on... and, with people out there scrutinizing the web... Do you feel safe?
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    Re: Blogging overboard

    Oh how glad I am that this topic is about this... I thought someone got annoyed of me posting some more personal stuff on here I just can't help it, I'm too open and I tend to search for personal connections to any topic (it helps you understand it better though )

    Well, things like that are the main reason for my school to forbit the using of mobiles in the school. And I am completely ok with that. I wouldn't be happy of seeing myself on internet too...
    I don't care if people put up blogs with different information on internet, they should understand the risk themselfes.

    I think it's completely unethical though to put up pictures and information about someone else, without asking them before that... It's just evil, even if it's ment as a joke... People shouldn't do that. If they do... yes, I think they should be punnished for it. It really is infringement in the person's privacy...

    And yes, I feel safe. Firstly, none of my friends, whom I tell the msot important things and part with and whom I let taking pics of me, would ever just give this information our without me agreeing with it (though one of my firends did put a pic online with me reaching my nose with my tongue ).
    And also, even if something gets out... I never give out my adress on the internet. And most of my friends don't know my adress (since I don't know it either ), therefore I won't get in trouble...

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    Re: Blogging overboard

    From what I've heard and seen on the news, those kids were not drinking and even if they were, there no tangible evidence to use against those kids. That's why the school walk-out is to take place.

    "Oh, well, we've seen pics of you and your classmates drinking out of red plastic cups and having a good ol' time!" Well, how many people use red plastic cups for--let's say--birthday parties, video game tournaments, family events and other social gatherings. There are even people who use those kinds of cups on a DAILY BASIS! PLUS, there was no photographical evidence that says that those kids were drinking booze!!

    Yet, these kids get suspended under an assumption that was made--mind you that this was during X-mas break, when school is out of session and took place OFF of school grounds! The school district was foul for that move! Were I the parents of said children, I'd ask the school why they felt it was necessary to accuse these kids of something that probably didn't happen in the first place. What goes on away from school, should remain there. If a school staff member has a personal grudge with a student, they're old enough to know that it's just trivial BS.

    Grown ups need to grow up and let the kids have thier fun. If they WERE drinking, it's the parent's responsibility to take action, not some people who had nothing to do with thier creation, birth or discipline.

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    Re: Blogging overboard

    well i have to say the school has no right to punish anyone unless the students had put those up at the school and if the party was done on school grounds. other than that no one has the right to punish any of them except their parents and if i was one of the parents if would like ground my child for like a year.

    but yea i dont think anyone is safe online but what can you do. just go in a corner and never get online. All you can do is be safe with who you talk to really.

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