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Thread: boys vs girls

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    Re: boys vs girls

    Wow, I agree with the ppls dat say dat all women and men r equal. it is kind of obvious though..every human being has their issues and problems dat is the way it is, no matter if ur a male or female.

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    Re: boys vs girls

    Why are you people seriously discussing this? The OP obviously has a childish mind and is still in their boys rule girls drool/girls rule boys drool phase. Seriously, the problem with so-called "intellectuals" is that they will consider anything intellectually, no matter how fundamentally stupid it is. I say "so-called" and put intellectuals in "" because intellect is subjective and is not necessarily your ability to consider, debate, infer, calculate and deduce. That is a conceit in and of itself. Stupidity is in everyone. Intelligence and stupidity or wisdom and foolishness are not sliding scales, they are separate constructs. This is just a controversy game. Debating this is not going to do any good and is just going to pit you against each other and send you into a downward spiral towards insanity. No one wins in internet debates.

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