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Thread: Brain Teaser: Which Came First.

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    Re: Brain Teaser: Which Came First.

    Quote Originally Posted by HolderOfTheDarkChalice View Post
    i think the egg came first because of genetic
    alterations in a winged species that was related
    to the pterodactyl they survived the supposed meteor
    that killed the dinosaurs off and it evolved into its on
    new feathered species that we now know as a chicken
    Wow, this is getting long!
    I think the egg came first becaues it could have been a mutation of a flying dinosaur egg. Why is this any different than my thred about Ninjas vs. Pirates that I got tagged for spam posting for?

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    Re: Brain Teaser: Which Came First.


    Compilation the interesting answers:

    Quote Originally Posted by LenMiyata View Post
    Grumble Grumble Grumble
    The egg is obviously a mutant, laid by a proto-chicken. This mutant egg then hatched into a true chicken, who's progeny became the chicken species...
    Quote Originally Posted by LenMiyata View Post
    Grumble Grumble Grumble
    Following the evolutionary trail, the proto-chicken will have links to some proto-proto-chicken, which would then have eventual links to some neolithic feathered dinosaur, which would link to a ancient lizard -- salamander -- fish ...
    Quote Originally Posted by aceman67 View Post
    The ability to lay eggs as a form of bringing about offspring is a Evolutionary trait, and since all life, according to evolutionary theory, stem from single cell organisms which procreated by cell division, the trait of laying eggs wasn't always around, something in nature had to have triggered the need for such an ability, so I think, at least, something that gave rise to our chickens of today, came first and then developed the ability to lay eggs.

    The chicken came first.
    ^ A very interesting way to look at it.
    Too bad LenMiyata proved it to be wrong...

    Quote Originally Posted by LenMiyata View Post
    Grumble Grumble Grumble
    Not exactly correct.... The existence of specialized gametes (sperm, egg) cells for the 'sexual' transmission of genetic material can be traced back all the way to green algae, which is currently believed to be the root of the evolutionary tree for all higher order organisms. And even more primitive organisms still had specialized spore stages to survive harsh environmental conditions. And even the most primitive organisms, (single celled bacteria...) have been shown to have mechanism for the 'sharing' of genetic material...
    Quote Originally Posted by mellow maromi View Post
    I believe the Egg came first.

    If you believe the chicken came first, chances are your religious.

    Where did the chicken come from? It cant magically poof into existance, unless you believe god poofed it.

    I believe the egg came first, and what laid the egg isnt a chicken. If you learned evolution, you should know that animals gradually change and evolve to adapt to there surroundings. So Way back then, there was a different kind of animal, similar to a chicken, but not quite a chicken yet. Then over thousands of years, the offspring eventually was a chicken you see today.

    There for, the egg came first, and a similar but not the same animal laid that egg.

    That is the most logical explanation.
    Quote Originally Posted by mellow maromi View Post
    Allow me to explain.

    Particals didnt come together to form the big bang. All the matter in the universe came together.

    They didnt come from anything. I believe the universe runs in cycles, which repeat infinite amount of times.

    Universe expands, Universe contracts. The contraction is caused by gravity, and when all the matter gathers in a center point, it bounces back with equal and opposite force, expanding.

    The matter was always here, and always will exist, because matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed, and thats an unbreakable law.

    Matter cant just appear here, from nothing, it cant poof here, its Impossible.

    It has to pre-exist.

    No if you ask me what came first the big bang or big crunch, i cant answer that question, because if i try, it will contradict my whole theory.

    Since there is no beginning, and no end, neither came first. Hard to explain, even hard to comprehend.

    But for the chicken and egg thing, im almost positive the egg came first, because the animal that laid the egg was similar but not quite a chicken, and the chicken was a slight genetic mutation that made it a different species.
    mellow maromi explains it in a very understandable way.

    Quote Originally Posted by Soshi Kitai View Post
    If coming into the thought of a Creationist... then the chicken would have to come first, at least 2 chickens.

    If the thought of an Evolutionist, then it could go 3 ways....
    1) The chicken merely was another creature that was placed into a certain environment and evolved (or devolved I guess) into... a chicken.
    2) The egg was laid by another creature, and by some odd instance that was probably mixed with their diet, environment, and any other variable... cracked open... a chicken. (I see that LenMiyata has beat me to this theory)
    3) Let's say that the chicken has always existed in some way, now we begin to question the idea of how it laid an egg... well, let's say it was always able to produce its own eggs by itself. But as time went on, to produce any better enhancements to the chicken, it had to lose some traits... so it lost the A-sexuality figure and has now become 2 kinds of chickens... male and female.

    But if you look at it from a Neo-Creationist-Evolutionist standpoint...
    A creature was made that then evolved and evolved and evolved, and in one of the three ways listed above, the chicken became a chicken.

    So most probably, out of the several chances: It would most logically be, the chicken came first. But then again, it could have also been the egg by the odd off-chance.

    But the sole of the matter of fact is, an egg cannot exist by itself. An egg is in need of warmth no matter what the creature.
    If a chicken did come from an egg, being warm-blooded, it would need to have been produced from a WARM egg.
    But if it was laid somewhere constantly warm by another creature, that would allow that off-chance.

    So most logically, once again, the chicken came first. And yet again: Only by some odd off-chance would the egg have come first.
    Interesting view right there!

    Quote Originally Posted by mellow maromi View Post
    Wrong. All birds, and reptiles, lay eggs. Not just chickens. According to evolution, which by the way is proven, is that animals change over generations to adapt to the environment. There is a bird, that is very similar to a chicken, but after having a baby, its baby having a baby, and so on, for thousands or perhaps millions of years, the baby hatched into the species Gallus gallus domesticus, or chicken.

    Even according to wikipedia, the chicken descended from the red junglefowl.

    It says that the chicken is the domesticated form of the red junglefowl. Just like a dog is the domesticated version of the wolf. Are the dog and wolf the same animal? No. Are they related? Yes.

    So the red jungle fowl being domesticated over 5000 years, eventually layed an egg which is the chicken we know today. The jungle fowl still exists.

    This is fact.

    There for, the egg did in fact, come first.

    Heres my sources. Red jungle fowl Red Junglefowl - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Chicken Chicken - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    mellow maromi strikes again!

    I hereby award mellow maromi with the coveted title of "being touched by his noodly appendage"!

    Congratulations to mellow maromi. On the scientific (non-religious) side she owns the debate!

    Because it was never specified it had to be a CHICKEN egg:

    Quote Originally Posted by Innerhell View Post
    Evolutionary, the egg came first. There have been eggs since the existence of the early fish, amphibians, reptiles, and dinosaurs. Way before the first appearance of a chicken.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hassun View Post
    Q: Was it ever specified that it had to be a chicken egg?
    A: No.
    Conclusion: the egg came first.

    There, the literal meaning has been solved.

    But because of popular request I'll put it in the debate/discuss section.

    Now if we move over to religion:

    Quote Originally Posted by Hassun View Post
    If you say God just created the chicken the issue can't be discussed. It would be logical that he/she/it created a chicken before the egg but with his/her/its almighty powers he could have just created the egg first if he/she/it wanted to.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hassun
    The problem is, (as I've written before) that when you say "God created it" the discussion stops. God could have created the egg first for all we know and brooded them him-/her-/itself until they hatched.

    Topic discussed, topic closed.
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