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Thread: Can we use Non-Violence to destroy terrorism?

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    Re: Can we use Non-Violence to destroy terrorism?

    Quote Originally Posted by david564nelson View Post
    my view is unless your are curios and you have actualy been there you know nothing and the news papers lie even the books writen about the war there are lies there have been 3451 books made only 256 have been published i see that as fishy!!! i only know dis coz nearly all my damn family is the army (my dad my uncle and my 2 brothers).
    both my dad and my uncle said f' off to their officer at least 10000 times my dad got kicked out of the army for disagreeing with what he is suposed to do he doesnt tell me and im supposed to sit in my damn chair agreeing with the war when my dad is near killing himself.
    my true views are if all the weopons in the world were destroyed my family wouldnt be so f'd up and pretty much this is the same case with alot of other peoples family's, the army and the goverment in my point of view can go and f' thesleves and fight their own stupid war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    they do lie (especially FOX LOL) but if you don't ever read or watch anything then you definitly know nothing as to why they hate us or whats going on at all.I don't support war (especially this one) but as i said you HAVE to force the terrorists to stop other wise they won't.

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    Re: Can we use Non-Violence to destroy terrorism?

    Quote Originally Posted by Scourge View Post
    Unfortunatly using non-vilolance isant an option with there terrorists as they see the western civilization, not just the US, as people who should all be killed because we are infidells and that they are sent to kill us because it is Allas will.
    They also hate us for what we stand for, which is freedome of speech and tolerance of other people. They hate the concept of allowing other religions to exists and be practiced, they hate the fact that we allow homosexuals to be treated as equal, and they also hate the fact that we believe women should have a voice, freedomes, and are equal to men.
    You can't negosiat with these people, even when they say they promess and agree, this is do to the fact that in Islam, its a sin to lie to another muslom but perfectly fine to lie to an infidell.
    They also say that this will only end when all of the people of the world fallow Islam as its a sin to kill another muslom, how ever we all know that a bunch of bull sense they constantly try and kill each other.

    So no, you can't fight these people with non-violant methods.
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    You have no idea what you're talking about, Muslims aren't supposed to kill but if China came over into America and starting telling us what to do I believe we would fight back, it's the same situation with the Middle East. Plus America said they went over there because of the dictator Saddam Hussein, we killed him.
    Then America said that they had weapons of mass destruction, we didn't find anything.
    Why do you think we're over there?
    Because we just want a foot in a the Middle East, before this war America didn't have anything do to do with the Middle East.
    The main point is we want oil, same reason why we hate Sudanese people, large abundance of oil.
    Did you even know that America are terrorists too?
    So before you harshly accuse a specific group of people of something evil, you may want to research more and actually know what you're talking about.

    On topic:: I dont think we can use non-violence to detroy terrorism.
    You shouldn't use Gandhi as an example anyways because he died, Martin Luther King died, Malcom X died. I also think that people misinterprete things, sometimes "terrorism" is simply self defense.
    Most of the time it's kill or be killed, even though I hate violence but most people are ignorent and blind so they can't see past that.
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    Re: Can we use Non-Violence to destroy terrorism?

    Quote Originally Posted by anime_being_god View Post
    Lately I've been thinking about this whole situation with American troops over in the Middle East doing what they can to try and help things out ( troops including my brother in fact )

    But I dont really know what they're doing (obviously using violence) for the situation is the best option available.

    My prime example of course would have to be Gandhi, he was a firm believer in nonviolence and he helped set in motion the Indian Independence Movement.
    I believe that with violence, you only creating more of what you've just destroyed, hatred builds off violence toward those you've come to love, so the only option people consider is promoting more violence back, the whole concept of war--

    If terrorists and other Countries learn this lesson, the world would be a better place..

    But how do you feel on this subject, do you think Americans and other countries can fix the terrorist problems the world have and with each other by using more non-violent tactics??
    well thats a well thought plan that i agree on and im for sure that we can use non-violence to destroy terrorism and i should say that there should never be a use of any violent behaiviors going on around our homelands because is a strong diruption from our growing knowledge and it takes time to be a thoughtful person to use no violence anywhere. thats my point of view and i hope its agreeable.

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