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Thread: Cancer

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    Re: Cancer

    My grandmother was diagnosed cancer about 3 years ago. She probably got the cancer becuse she smoked long ago.

    It wasn't a big suprice when she died becuse she wasn't awake much when she was sick and only was up to drink, other then that she only sleept.

    I don't remember what treatment they where using becuse i wasn't "following" it so much.

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    That is sadest thing to hear before my mom passed away the idoit doctor thought she had cancer, I got very very angry at the doctors and pointed at them and I shouted at them saying , ( CANCER! CANCER! IS THAT YOU HAVE ON YOUR PEA SIZE BRAIN!) I swear I think that's all doctors have on thier minds they got cancer on the mind. You know doctors don't know crap these days...
    Doctors these only want money , GRRRRRRRR! I wanted to shove those stupid medical jerks in to radiation treatment room and give them a high dose of gamma radiation I hate doctors I hate them!!!

    Oh I feel for you, I lost my mother last year, and I cried at times missing her, peace be with you.

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    Re: Cancer

    My paternal grandmother and all her sisters have had some form of cancer, ranging from skin to liver. My grandma actually died from her cancer (hers was the liver). Other than that, I have had a few friends that have had forms of cancer, and right now my bosses wife has breast cancer. The only person that I've known that has died of cancer though was my grandma. I think she was in her late 60s or maybe even 70s. I really don't remember...


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    Re: Cancer

    1) How old was the person when diagnosed?
    2) What kind of cancer, and what kind of treatment was done??
    3) Did he or she made it through?
    i had an aunt who died of breast cancer at the age of 48. she received chemo therapy but the cancer was far too advanced a stage when she was diagnosed. She died a year after . So every one at home ( meaning all the girls at home get mammo grams twice a year ).
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    Re: Cancer

    Actually, My grandpa has cancer. I think he has lung cancer. I'm not really sure. But, i know he has cancer. And he got pills and shots. And yea. He's living.

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    Re: Cancer

    my grand pa was 71 when he was tested
    the kind that made his testicles realy huge
    he did pretty good for 3 months then it it killed him

    persoanlly i blame the dr.s but i guess who dosnt for him being dead and all
    but he went through a lot of pain and couldnt really eat because he said his
    food tasted metalic or something i was there till th end for him i have yet to
    have a prostate check myself because it sort of scares me i know me being 36
    means i need one but i cant really get the nerv up for it , and i smoke so i sort
    of cringe at what they could find.
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