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Thread: Celebrate Christmas yes or no

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    Celebrate Christmas yes or no

    *deep breath*

    ok so like my bf he dosn't celebrate christmas and the main resone is because his church dosn't. And so I am deciding on joining the church and if I do then I must give up christmas.

    Reason why: because no where in the bible does it say that we have to.

    Now the purpose most people celebrate it: It is Jesus's b-day and its to honor his being born.

    But is it really his b-day?

    I am like on the edge of this, whole should we celebrate it or not and for me I really don't care if I do or not. But what do you think?

    Do you think that we would know
    the exact date of his b-day.
    And also if it dosn't say it in the bible,
    then how did this whole thing come to be?
    Dosn't it say in the bible that if you add anything to the bible that it is a sin?
    And if it dose then and we have added this huge "Jesus was born on christmas we have to celebrate that" then wouldn't that be a sin?
    So yea.

    Well I would really like to know what you think.
    I know this could go in many ways but I am really just curiouse at what everyone thinks. And please no bashing anyone(namely me), we all have our own opinions to this and I know I will most likely go against something you say but dont take it the wrong way.

    And also I will not take an answer from nayone with out proof to back it up so time to take out your bibles and look.
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    Re: Celebrate Christmas yes or no

    If I remember someone on the 25th of December that is when the wise men and shepherds arrived. It wasn't when Christ as born. I think it was when the star appeared in the sky that he was born. So really we are not celebrating Christ's birthday but the gather of those who will worship him. Maybe Chiefy might have more information on the subject.

    But I still celebrate Christmas as its a day about family and those you love. sharing one special day of the year.
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    Re: Celebrate Christmas yes or no

    Quote Originally Posted by P.R. Princes View Post
    Now the purpose most people celebrate it: It is Jesus's b-day and its to honor his being born.

    But is it really his b-day?
    From Christmas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Pre-Christian winter festivals

    A winter festival was traditionally the most popular festival of the year in many cultures. Reasons included less agricultural work needing to be done during the winter, as well as people expecting longer days and shorter nights after the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.[1] In part, the Christmas celebration was created by the early Church in order to entice pagan Romans to convert to Christianity without losing their own winter celebrations.[2][3] Most of the most important gods in the religions of Ishtar and Mithra had their birthdays on December 25. Various traditions are considered to have been syncretised from various winter festivals.

    Christian celebration

    Origen, a father of the Christian church, argued against the celebration of birthdays, including the birth of Christ.

    It is unknown exactly when or why December 25 became associated with Jesus' birth. The New Testament does not give a specific date.[4] Sextus Julius Africanus popularized the idea that Jesus was born on December 25 in his Chronographiai, a reference book for Christians written in AD 221.[4] This date is nine months after the traditional date of the Incarnation (March 25), now celebrated as the Feast of the Annunciation. March 25 was considered to be the date of the vernal equinox and therefore the creation of Adam; early Christians believed this was also the date Jesus was crucified. The Christian idea that Jesus was conceived on the same date that he died on the cross is consistent with a Jewish belief that a prophet lived an integral number of years.[5]

    The identification of the birth date of Jesus did not at first inspire feasting or celebration. Tertullian does not mention it as a major feast day in the Church of Roman Africa. In 245, the theologian Origen denounced the idea of celebrating Jesus' birthday "as if he were a king pharaoh." He contended that only sinners, not saints, celebrated their birthdays[6].

    The earliest reference to the celebration of Christmas is in the Calendar of Filocalus, an illuminated manuscript compiled in Rome in 354.[7][8] In the east, meanwhile, Christians celebrated the birth of Jesus as part of Epiphany (January 6), although this festival focused on the baptism of Jesus.[9]

    Christmas was promoted in the east as part of the revival of Catholicism following the death of the pro-Arian Emperor Valens at the Battle of Adrianople in 378. The feast was introduced to Constantinople in 379, to Antioch in about 380, and to Alexandria in about 430. Christmas was especially controversial in 4th century Constantinople, being the "fortress of Arianism," as Edward Gibbon described it. The feast disappeared after Gregory of Nazianzus resigned as bishop in 381, although it was reintroduced by John Chrysostom in about 400.[7]
    Enough reference for you?

    This pretty much conincides with what I've always heard, that Jesus was most likely born between April and October, and no actual date of birth is given in the Bible. So no one ever actually added anything to the Bible.

    I suppose it doesn't matter the actual date of his birth, if you believe he is your savior, and the Christian Church tells you when to celebrate, you do so at that time. What is it, exactly, that you're on the fence about? If you believe in Christ, then what difference would it make if you celebrate him in December or on his actual birthday? I think the real question for you if you're considering converting is do you believe in the tenets of your boyfriends' religion more than the one you currently practice.
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    Re: Celebrate Christmas yes or no

    I celebrate it I like getting gifts from people. My birthday was on a Tuesday so Christmas is on a Tuesday. Christmas is whatever day my birthday is on. I like Christmas.

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    Re: Celebrate Christmas yes or no

    we dont celabrate christmas becuase we doibt bellive in
    santa and thzat good cheers tuff we just have a big party
    exchang gift wraped box's becuase we just like giving and
    getting. but i guess its up to the person if the cebrate christams or not
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    Re: Celebrate Christmas yes or no

    It doesn't really matter if he was actually born on Dec, 25. Thats just the day we celebrate his B-Day on.

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    Re: Celebrate Christmas yes or no

    I hate all holidays because it always reminds me of the things I've lost in life that can't be given back. And all I see around Christmas time is a bunch of greedy little brats that want and want and want. People need to teach their kids to use their heads and realize that there are WAY more important things out there than stupid material possessions.

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    Re: Celebrate Christmas yes or no

    i say no, we dont know what date jesus was born unless an angel or jesus himself camed out of the clouds and told the pope what date jesus was born on and that will never hape will it? i bet that christmas is another way to teach kids to be selfish and another way for big companys to make money from.

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