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Thread: changing the pledge of alligance

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    Re: changing the pledge of alligance

    Quote Originally Posted by MistressMorgan View Post
    I am agnostic. So I dont really like the idea of religion being involved with government. However, I do know that the people who founded our country deeply believed in God and religion, and brought some of the morals of religion with them to make our amazing constitution. I dont think the pledge should change, but I have heard that the one we know today is not the original. Does anyone know if this is true
    Yes, the "under God" was actually added back in the 1950's, as a deterrent against those Godless, heathen Soviets.

    The thing is, however, that "Separation of Church and State" was never meant to exist in our nation. It was the result of a Supreme Court Justice who used the infamous phrase back in the 1930s on a ruling regarding the issue of incorporation of religion being taught in schools.

    The fact of the matter is, the Founding Fathers meant for religion to exist in our government. While their references to God were meant to say that the natural law that which all men fall under justifies the creation of the United States of America, there was no attempt whatsoever to keep religion out of the government's operation.

    Rather, the whole meaning of keeping religion out of the govenrment was only meant to say that no one religion would be forced on the citizenry, or religion would not be used to govern over people. Otherwise, politicians could gladly worship as they pleased as Americans, and incorporate their beliefs into their work as representatives of the people.

    You also have to remember that our nation, while it's founded mostly on Ancient Greek and Roman (mostly Roman-the Greeks were wimps except the Spartans) concepts of the oligarchy and the republic, most of our law comes from English common law AND Judeo-Christian ethics. Our nation is founded on a religion, and functions because the basic concepts of that religion which serve as it's backbone-that men do not have the power or wisdom to rule over other men-is still left mostly intact.

    While I am an atheist, I don't care about the addition of "under God" into the pledge. It is part of our history, and to modify the Pledge simply because you cannot stomach a part of history you may disagree with (honestly, McCarthy was right-there WERE dangerous communists in the artistic community, and their results can be seen today-can we say Rosie O'Donnell?) is the same as completely erasing it.

    No one in America who is willing to use the rights given to all American citizens, yet deny saying the Pledge or acknowledge our history as our own, unique culture deserves to stay in this country alive. We have made too many sacrifices in the name of safety and "acceptable" behavior to allow the remaining population to disgrace our country anymore.

    At this point, I have to side with General Patton's view, that America is undeserving of a republic. What we need is a dictatorship, to keep the mindless grassroots movement and the hippies in-line.

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    Re: changing the pledge of alligance

    i think that anyone who has a problem with "under god" needs to shove it up their a** and get over it.

    we all need to remember why the first settlers came here. to have freedom to worship GOD any way they wanted, specifically the CHRISTIAN GOD. if not for the christians then there would be no tru america because it was those same people who later lead the partriots against britian.

    thanks to zyta for the sick sig and avy!

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