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Thread: Chicken Fight

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    Re: Chicken Fight

    Quote Originally Posted by atomik_sprout View Post

    That is too funny!

    I think that all these animal activists need to think like that to a certain degree. Like you said, they're pretty much closed minded to the 'country folk' life style, so when they think about where our food comes from and what needs to be done to obtain that food, they get all shocked and appauled. Not because the people on farms kill to eat, but because people in factories are killing to feed us--which is the same thing to me, just on a bigger scale.

    They defend the 'cute, defenseless animal', not even realizing that the very same animal is what gives us sustanance (protiens and all that good stuff). It's a part of the food chain. I'm sure if something fed on humans, we'd just deal with it. We deal with mosquitoes, no matter how annoying they are. Why? Because it's natural. We don't stop lions from eating antelope or wildebeasts. Why? Because it's natural. Why should we stop humans from eating other animals? It's what we've been doing since the dawn of humanity, right?

    *I hear that some people turn crazy after they stop eating meat!*
    I know for a fact I would go insane if I didn't eat meat. I could never ever be even vegetarian, let alone vegan. >.> Just because my body is used to a certain amount of protein .... Plus, why would I give up a nice juicy, T-bone steak?!

    Check this out... I was talking to a lady at work about it, and she gave this awesome scenario:

    There's a snake, and he's chilling in the rainforest, minding his own business. He's hungry, so he stops by a mouse hole and grabs a mouse. Just as he finishes swallowing it, and coils up contentedly in the sun, and small group of other snakes slither up and yell at him, "OMG! Murderer! I can't believe you did that to that poor defenseless mouse!" He stared at them in disbelief... "Mice have a right to live, too!" Geese.

    I love that! It's true. The major difference is that humans have other sources of food besides meat... We can choose to eat what we want. Whereas the snake cannot. The animal rights people that are in your face are JUST like that group of snakes, man. You can't eat that because WE think it's wrong! Yep.

    And true - Humans wouldn't have lived very long if they hadn't hunted for their food. Again - There were a few winters when my dad was out of work and we couldn't afford a whole lot...So we lived on the deer we took. *shrug* To bad we didn't all grow up with rich mommies and daddies in the city... I noticed when I lived in San Francisco, that a lot of the vegan/animal hugger PETA people have never really seen the way "country folk" really live, and they've never experienced meat outisde the grocery store.

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    Re: Chicken Fight

    I've considered quitting meat in different ways. One year, I said that I wasn't gonna eat pork anymore. Problem is, I like hamhocks, pork chops and bacon--ESPECIALLY BACON! I love bacon too much for me to just stop eating pork.

    One year I said I would quit eating red meat. The same day I went to Wendy's and ate a double stack, LOL. These days, I don't eat too much beef or pork; not as much as I used to, at least. I eat lots of fish and chicken (the ones that survive the grinder, LOL). I still like beef and pork, I just really don't eat much of it. Fish and chicken is cheaper and a bit healthier, so it's what I go for. I eat a lot of Asian foods too, so the types of meat varies from dish to dish.

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