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Thread: Crimes against Creeds

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    Crimes against Creeds

    Some of you have probably already heard about the beating of jack Price. A man viciously pounded for no other reason than being gay.the injuries are numersous. Broken jaw, fractured ribs, a lacerated spleen, and the "collapse of both of his lungs." My prayers are with him. I was going to post a link to it but it shows the video which is too aweful in my opinion, I mean this is severe damage.

    While I find this to be intolerable clearly such behavior is not unthinkable to a great many people for this has happened many times, sometimes it gets national coverage sometimes not. And if many would do it how many more think of it?

    This is not the only type of time a crime against someones creed, or whatever aspect of there behavior that has no measurable value, has occured. They happen for religion for color, for sexuality, you name it. Certainly we all have an inherent right to defend ourselves, and our family, some may go as far to say our property. After all if one tries to steal your wallet and he gets a good beating for it most don't raise a brow. But we are talking about something that has no quantifiable value, sexuality.

    I do not believe that anyones beliefs give you the right to take hostile action on that person, as long as those beliefs don't infringe on your personal rights. While there is gray area on what infringes on your rights and what doesn't there is far less gray area on what in reasonable to justify violence. Few gay people in history have ever infringed on a mans or womans right to be heterosexual, much like no religion has infringed on my right to be Christian. Now true there is rape, but that is the product of a disturbed mind, in most cases nothing to do with sexuality.

    But tell us your honest opinion. When or do you ever feel some belief warrant hostile action.

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    Re: Crimes against Creeds

    There is no excuse to attack someone based on their religious or moral beliefs, nor any reason to attack someone based on their sexuality, race, heritage, etc.


    The people who do these hate crimes are worse than ignorant. They have something wrong with them.

    Someone's personal life... Someone just minding their own business and going about their day... Walking down the street to work... Could not POSSIBLY infringe on the rights of anyone else.

    The people who are hostile and attacking people so horribly are the ones violating basic, universal rights that we all have as humans, to just live our lives in peace.

    Self-defense is another matter entirely. That is another right we all have. But there is no grey area when it comes to assault. People who claim that a gay person is infringing on their rights has a zero brain cell count. Yeah, that's harsh, but we all know that it's true.

    Rape is never about sex ever. It's about power and control, and a lot of times is also about humiliation of the victim. Trust me on that. And anyone who even THINKS of sexually assaulting someone is a sick, worthless waste of flesh.
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