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Thread: To date early or not

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    Re: To date early or not

    Quote Originally Posted by Frozen Rose View Post
    well for me i am with dating early but i am not with is too XD .. and that becasue i don't want my kids date unless they are 16 or older becasue i want them to take the responsibility of there actions XD and i am with it becasue i don't want to say no to my kids becasue they want to date like other kids ^-^ .. but i will go after all with not allow to them to date unless 16 and up ... =^_^=
    yeah i would have to a gree in one case i would want my kids to take responcebility for there own actions as for i'm...not in a relationship...if i was to have a girl friend at my age i would date cuz i would take the full responsibity for actions.

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    Re: To date early or not depends on the maturity of th eindividual. Still, to answer, later. I'm 15 and am not yet dating and don't plan on it for another year or this age, guys are jerks and people my age should wait until we're older. Why wait? The younger you are when you atart dating, the more vulnerable and trusting you are. With the creeps in this world, do you want to be out among that by age 14? Most of my frinds are dating already, but I'm going to wait - let common sense take over for awhile.
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    Re: To date early or not

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