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Thread: Death Penalty

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    Re: Death Penalty

    Originally Posted by Reaper66
    what justice? is it justifying when parents rape their children and make their kids have sex with each other and the parents mother gets 40 years. and the father gets 5 consecutive life sentences???I don't think so at least they deserve to be hung up by their thumbs and themselves be raped (just once)(maybe more)
    Uh, that certainly is a horrible picture you conjure. Your idea of "justice" sounds a lot like vengeance - like Hammurabi's Code of 'an eye for an eye' when deciding how to punish someone. Also, I think that people like that would enjoy being "raped" like that.

    No, trust me; going to jail, pretty much for life - that is what really sucks.

    "Vengeance" is at odds with modern thought. It does share aspects with Justice, but it still distinct from Justice, who's ultimate concern is to balance the scales as evenly as it can.

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    Re: Death Penalty

    Quote Originally Posted by pigtaru
    On this topic, I find two good statements to express where I stand. Nothing good comes from taking a life of another human being, whether they are criminal or not. And secondly, I agree with spymonk, there are things in live much worse than death.

    I am in more favor of "jail for life" than death penalty, simply because everyone dies what's the difference if a convict died sooner. Besides I don't think anyone has the right to claim another human life. I agree with most of the posts here, death penalty seems more like an act of vengeance than justice.

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