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Thread: Death Penalty for Juveniles

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    Re: Death Penalty for Juveniles

    Quote Originally Posted by Scourge View Post
    As much as I would want to believe we live in a world where we don't have to resort to such a mesure of punishment, but sadly past, as well as current events have made it clear that having and using the death penalty works very effectivly at removing as well as proventing murders from happening. Sense the dealth penalty has been almost completely abolished here in the US, crime has been on the rise ever sense. Sad to say, some good idiological intensions do not work in the relm of reality.

    I have to admit you do have a point there. The fear of death does make criminals abstain from committing crimes. Although, this is true it is still wrong to use the ultimate punishment. There have been some cases in which innocent people are executed. At that point there's nothing that can be done, so why take any chances?

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    Re: Death Penalty for Juveniles

    Quote Originally Posted by kakashi_sensei View Post
    I have never been on favor of the death penalty. There are other alternatives to punish criminals such as life incarceration. Death penalty is an inhumane punishment and only leads to more bloodshed. You can't change people's mind on killing by killing. It's an abomination.
    the problem i have with this is that its EXPENSIVE
    and i dont think we should let someone live on tax payer dollars who deserved to be killed for what they have done. life in jail is a joke. all it does is use taxpayer money, which ultimately takes away from the prisoers (tht are going to get out) resources like drug treatment and therapy because the money is being used on george who slashed his wife kids and mothers throatto eat and use the red room and shower and new clothes everyday.

    thats my problem.
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    Re: Death Penalty for Juveniles

    Quote Originally Posted by Scourge View Post
    Because prisoners cant be trusted for one and will most likely shoot their fellow soldiers as well as the enemy, or more likely just run away. Also, those who are in the armed forces are there by CHOICE!! They were not forced into it any way so I don't understand your argument.

    So let me get this straight... You are much happier having some guy who is known for murder and violant acts, driving around in a tank or aircraft or using some other highly sofisticated equipment that cost millians if not billians in cash that has lethal destructive power and is now TRAINED killer running loose able to murder and rape inosint civilians and other horrific acts of brutality then say a man who joind by their own free will who is dedicated in the safty of others, and not to mention sain and stable? Am I reading you correctly, if so, then how much sense does that make, because thats what I am getting out of it.
    wow..long argument..anywho:
    1.you spelled millions,billions, violent, and sophisticated wrong(typo, i understand)
    2. no, no,no..have trained soldiers operate the big stuff. (tanks,aircraft, etc,etc). with our war, we were close to drafting point. We murder innocent civilians anyway, our troops have had issues with rape. okinawa, iraq, vietnam, c'mon. death and rape in war is common, either whether its done by a prisoner turned soldier, or soldier.
    However, i see your point about the loyalty thing. but hey, why would a prisoner armed only a gun and a few knives rebel against his own when the enemy is firing at them.
    have all things that require intelligence and true skill done by trained soldiers, or missions that need loyalty. have prisoners as ground soldiers, and if they rebel, have the trained owns have authorization to kill them(prisoners cannot increase their rank either). all im saying is this:
    Families are being destroyed day by day. everyday someone wakes up to find out their brother, sister, son, daughter, father, mother,etc etc is DEAD. prisoners are going to die or rot in jail anyway. when someone is 18 and is classified as anti social THERE IS NO CURE>(except maybe lethal injection). they are officially psycho. prisoners who go to jail or receive counseling only learn to kill better(my mom's a psychologist of anger and violence/agression). so either die or learn to kill better by killing enemy warfare instead of having innocent Americans die is my view.

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